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Passive Node Ideas - Sentinel
You could try something like this. There are actually a few variations base on how you are most comfortable to apply ignites i think im using rive that cant crit so i can keep the GF buff up for smelters wrath.

I would like to see the Sentinel be able to have some sort freeze skill or a chance to freeze for added cold damage. I love the class and my fav damage type is cold in all games. For this is the only class that cannot freeze. maybe just add it as add cold damage, but will need a higher chance to freeze or something in that nature.

Bleed nodes should be moved to Force from Paladin. We have Void Knight using Void. Paladin using Fire, and Force Guard using ???. Give Force the bleed Talents from Paladin.

Smelters Might: (10 points)

  • Moved to second to last or last area in the tree.
  • Bleed Chance becomes Bleed Effectiveness 10% per point

Penance: (6 points)

  • Moved to the second node on the Force tree and is renamed to “Crimson Dance”
  • Chance to bleed when hit is removed and instead replaced by leach 2% per point
  • Gains “Also applies to Minion” Tag

Redemption: (10 points)

  • Moved to the fourth node on the Force tree, remains connected to Penance and is renamed “Bathed in Blood”
    *Notable would remain the same.
  • Gains “Also applies to Minion” Tag

Molded By Force (8 points)

  • Moved to first tier
  • 2 handed requirement removed

Penance (7 points)

  • Increased 25% Stun Chance per point.
  • Effects doubled when using a 2 hander.

Redemption (10 points)

  • Increased 10% Critical Strike Multiplier against Stunned Enemies.
  • Increased 10% Fire Damage against Stunned Enemies
  • Effects doubled when using a 2 hander.

It’s actually Forge Guard, not Force Guard :stuck_out_tongue:

All the 2 Hander and Stun stuff should stay at Forge Guard. That is really one of the class themes IMO.

We need need some more active to incentivies that, but i personally really like the Forge Guard Passive Tree.

And welcome to the LE Community btw.

Bleed is just so out of place in Paladin tree. Bleed is 100% not a typical paladin skill but stuns definitely are. Nothing saying that Forge Guard can’t keep stuns, but Paladins have been hammer wielding stun machines for as long as I can remember.

For me stuns are not paladin-esq at all.

Bleeds are thematical, because you let your enemies “repent on their sins”

I always thought stuns were paladin-esq. Stop(stun) and think about what you have done while I punish you. I can see Bleeds as punishment, but was not done with a Cat O’ Nine Tails and a lot of time that is what believers of the faith would do to themselves?

The Paladin’s primary elements are fire & physical with lightning as a secondary.

@Heavy, it’s entirely possible tha there’s multiple views on what constitutes a Paladin.

Orly?!?! And i always thought my opinion is the only valid one :smiling_imp:


I dislike the way buff need to constantly being casted in LE. specifically on how we have to stop in the middle of a run to cast it. Especially for a stacking non-instant cast buff like sigil of hope. There is reason why cast on damaged or cast on crit is so popular in PoE

The skill can be more friendly if it last longer 30-60 sec and stack increases the duration, but it uses mana per sec as the constraint. Either the base skill mechanic is modified or introduce a node to put point into it.

EDIT: I know that there are nodes to increase duration, instant cast etc but I feel that the QOL on such skill should be more easily accessible instead of needing many levels in the skill. Sigil on kill effect like all on kill effect is not good on bosses.

is there any chance to make Forge Strike’s ‘Singular Craft’ (more crit, less forged weapons) be a 2 point node?
before the recent patch, I used the equivalent node primarily so that i didn’t have any forged weapons flying around - i really dont like acting like a necromancer with some flying swords that do nothing. I really have no intention of boosting minion damage for my tanky melee sentinel… because hes a tanky melee sentinel :slight_smile:

I don’t think the bonus needs to be as strong as doubling the crit/bleed elements , but Id really like the ability to remove forged weapons (2x 50%chance) altogether to be an option again.

Thanks for your time - loving the game so far.

Void aegis is a cool mechanic but for late passive point into VK tree, it’s a non-choice compared to other late passive nodes.

Full 5 point investment net us 25% chance to reduce 10% damage. 100 damage absorb. And a small damage on break.

The aegis damage absorb is too low for late game that it breaks in a hit or two. Hence, damage reduction by rough calculation effectively is only 25% of 10 which is 2.5%. That is a 0.5% damage reduction per point. it was also too situational to proc it against big damage hit which arguably what we want the damage reduction for. Sentinel tree also has a similar much better node that reduce damage nearby by 10% and that is early level investment.

Damage is laughable even with increased void damage, but damage in this skill is secondary anyway.

To make the skill more worthwhile, we can either add the HP scaling to point. Or we can make the aegis stackable per point(with decreased damage reduction per stack)

I want to suggest the javelin banner skill to be able to attach to self/allies as well. It is currently quite awkward to use in empowered since kiting is a must. A lot of times, it is stuck in a tanky, slow enemies, while I am trying to kite the fast, high damaging enemies. It also have chance to be left behind if it originally stuck on fast enemies if they died to dot damage.

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Hey, hope you all are well. Any chance you could have a look at the Last Wish node in Sigils of Hope, and maybe make it a proc on damage done and not enemy killed? The node becomes kind of irrelevant on any thing that does not spawn mobs(Boss fights). Loving the game!
Kind regards

Would love to see more passives that can redefine playstyle/gearing options offering more variety and hopefully encourage usage of less popular skills like cough judgement or rebuke cough. I see a lot of skills having 2h requirements (Javelin and polearm etc.) that add some nice effects but the 2h support from passive trees are lacklustre when compared to the shield ones.

Some cursory ideas, focussing on 2Hers.


  • When using a 2her, upon hitting X number of ailment stacks of the same ailment type, consumes those stacks to deal X% of total DoT damage in a single attack (synergy with 2h DoT builds).

Variants: Does not consume stacks. Attack is in some AOE/cone. Bonus to DoT damage.

  • Improve stun chance. Upon successfully stunning enemy when using a 2H, improve effectiveness/duration of ailment stacks (introduces stun viability).

Variants: Increase stack count of current ailments. Applies to slow. Instead of on successful stun, bonus is applied when attacking or killing a stunned enemy with a 2H. Add chance to stun nearby enemies when killing a stunned mob with a melee attack. Instead of ailment related bonus, apply others eg. damage/HE/armor.


  • When you successfully melee hit an enemy with a 2H, apply a stack of ‘cool buff name’. When you receive a hit that takes X% of your total health, that hit does damage over X seconds instead for each stack of ‘cool buff name’. Stacks expire in X seconds.

Variants: Hit received is converted to a certain ailment type (Holy Aura synergy). Damage received is reduced by X% of healing effectiveness (synergy with HE stacking builds).

  • Passive that improves endurance elements when using 2Hers.

Variants: Scaling with Healing effectiveness. Health or Armour improvements.

  • Passive that adds Ward upon receiving hit when using 2Hers (introduces ward based builds, though i’m not sure this fits thematically). Add some ward based nodes to Rebuke and other lower use skills for synergy.

Variants: Scaling with Healing effectiveness. Instead of ward, an AOE heal if not thematically suitable (can benefit when multiplayer comes into picture).

That’s all for now. Will see if I can come up with more.

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A new level 20 passive node for the Sentinel:

Palisade (Single Point)

Can equip shields in main-hand.
Block Effectiveness: +X
Block Chance: +X

This Passive would allow the player to dual-wield shields.

Does this thread include node ideas for skills as well?

I really hope there are more ways for Forge Guard to summon minions and interact with them. So here are my node ideas:

  • Lunge
    • Rally
      When you cast Lunge on a target, all Forged Weapons also cast Lunge on the same target.
  • Vengeance
    • Forged Blade
      Blade launched by Iron Blade summons a Forged Weapon on hit.
  • Javelin
    • Flag Carrier (requires Battle Standard node)
      Manifest Armor automatically picks up and carries the flag. This node should probably increase Battle Standard range since Manifest Armor is constantly running around.
    • Sword Hurl
      Instead of hurling a javelin, you hurl one of your Forged Weapon, adding damage equal to X% of Forged Weapon’s damage. This consumes one Forge Weapon per use. Disable pierce, but summons a new Forged Weapon at hit target location and grants it some damage buff.
  • Manifest Armor
    • Dramatic Debut
      When Manifest Armor is summoned, it will fall from the sky like a meteor and strike the ground, dealing fire AoE damage and stunning enemies.
    • Mimic
      When you use Lunge, Shield Bash, or Void Cleave, Manifest Armor will mimic the same move.
  • Ring of Shields
    • Shield Tornado (requires Displacement node)
      Ring of Shields creates a tornado at the center of the ring, pulling enemies into the center and trapping them inside. If you have Pushing Shield node, it pulls instead of pushes.
    • Resonance
      When a shield is hit, it reduces the remaining cooldown time of all your skills. Each shield can trigger this effect once every few seconds.
    • Transform
      When a shield dies or expires, it summons a Forged Weapon.
    • Manual Detonation
      Casting Ring of Shields while it is on cooldown detonates all existing shields. Doing so increases cooldown recovery speed of Ring of Shields until next cast. Shields deal fire AoE damage when they are detonated manually.
    • Spike Shields
      Each shield bashes enemies that are in melee range and riposte when hit. Spike Shields also copy weapon stats.
  • Smelter’s Wrath
    • Tempered
      While channeling, regenerate your minions health and grant them some other buffs such as attack speed. This effect last for additional 4 seconds after release.
    • Heated Forge
      On release, summons X number of Forged Weapons. The number depends on the charge time.
  • Forge Strike
    • Swords Rain
      Newly summoned Forged Weapons will fall from the sky and strike enemies with X% of its damage. Forge Strike is guarantee to summon at least X number of Forged Weapons if casted directly.
    • Folding
      Grant some damage buffs such as melee crit chance to Forged Weapons and you if Forge Strike hits at least one enemy. This effect can be stacked several times.
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