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Passive Node Ideas – Primalist

Feel free to indroduce your own suggestions on this thread!

  1. Primalist passive: Your Sabertooth is fully grown now.
    → Every of the 3 Flurry Swipes your Sabertooth do on your command take away 5/10/15/20 % of each enemies current health [EDITED this for Llama8] on hit. (halves on players/bosses)

  2. Beast Master passive: The Bear Roar impresses all other Beasts.
    → All Minions have 10 % increased attack speed, damage and movement speed if your bear roars recently (4 seconds).

  3. Druid passive: after Primal Shifter, Turtle Form:
    → Every Time you use a skill, it RESETs the remaining duration of the Shapeshifter buff.

  4. Druid passive: Tremor: Alter this whole thing to:
    → Chance To Cast Tremor For You And Your Companions When Hit. 10 % per point. This Effect has no (maybe something like 0,5 seconds?) cooldown.

My only problem with #1 is that at max it would kill bosses in 30 hits (assuming its max hp), if it were a % of current health it might be ok.

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