Passive Node Ideas - Primalist

Some shortcomings for shaman. which could be added in passives:
Ability to shred armor (for minions)
Ability to slow / chill / frailty / blind (for minions)
Ability to Leech (minion leech applying to shaman)

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  1. The node viper fangs should be on the first half so all classes can benefit from it. It’s to good to be only for beastmasters.

  2. A new node for cooldown recovery on pet abilities.

  3. A new node that reduces damage taken for both on pet ability use.


  1. A new node for spell damage into melee damage or viceversa, shaman is suppose to be a melee caster, but its just awkward, help us make the hybrid nature caller we all imagine.

  2. I can’t get my head arround the lightning bolt(thunder strike and lagoon answer) with a 3 second cooldown, nobody uses that, NOBODY. 3 seconds cooldown!? it makes it unusable, on the endgame in 3 seconds you can die 25 times.
    Please remove the cooldown or remove the passives entirely, they do nothing. 5 passives for nothing, 5!

  3. The shaman tree needs to be buffed generaly, its so weak, you should get the sense of overwhelming nature forces instead you get a fart wind or lightning. You should be able by passives to cast on hit avalanche, aftershocks, tornado or more. (probably tempest strike should (instead of casting those lame spells) cast on hit avalance for cold, aftershock for earth, and tornado por lightning)

  4. A new node for more damage for totems, shaman needs to differenciate in something from the other classes, it does nothing, maybe being a master of totems could do the trick

  5. A new node buffing spell casting, spell casting on shaman sucks.


  1. A new node for mana efficiency of spells and attacks, druid outside transforming is not viable, it would add versatility.
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