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Passive Node Ideas - Acolyte

You sure you don’t mean every 100 ward increases your ele resist by 1%? Otherwise if you’ve got 1,000 ward (not a particularly big amount), that would give you 1,000% ele resists.

Also, I’d probably give the Acolyte necrotic/poison & possibly void resist as they’d be more thematic.

I like the other ones though, especially the Absolute Order idea. :slight_smile:

You’re probably right, I’m currently a lvl 50 necromancer and the highest value I could get is 150 ward. I also point out that it is hard to maintain this value by losing ward too quickly. I dont know how it is on max level. But, Yes its a bit excessive 1% = 1 point if we get 1000 wards.

I like it to be more thematic and I agree with you. But the harsh world of the last epoch is not kind and gracious for us necromancers, to forget about the powerful elements that are trying to destroy us. We must be prepared for anything! :smiley:

  • passive that gives 1% more necrotic dmg per minion (because spirit plague and drain life are seriously weak)

  • passive that gives minions a 20sec time limit but boosts damage all minion damage 5% more per point (up to 5 points)

  • passive that gives minions 100 dodge per point at cost of 5% less life (up to 5 points)

  • passive at top of tree that gives minions 0.25% increase in every in minion stat per point invested in the tree already (1 point node)

  • passive that changes all bleed chance/dmg to poison and another node that does the opposite

  • transplant node that allows minions to transplant with you and do inc dmg for 4 seconds

  • spirit plague node that changes dmg to fire to synergise with other skills/skelemage dmg

  • rip blood node to channel skill called donate blood, skill now causes 1 bleed stack per sec to enemies but causes you to lose X% life per second, if target dies from this skill then they explode in a blood splatter that does no dmg but causes AOE bleeding

  • lich passive added called inevitable doom, changes aura of decay to necrotic dmg

I’m really drunk right now but ill add to this later.

  • spirit plague node change dmg type to physical to synergise with rip blood

  • passive to allow necrotic DoT a chance to crit, 5% per point (5 points max)

  • skeleton node called berserker, skeletons gain 50% move and atk speed but lose x% max health per attack

  • melee skeleton weapon node to give chance to stun in area

  • drain life now drains ward but only 20% of the life it would have leeched OR a passive that changes all life leech to ward at 5% per point (5points max) eg 15% life leech becomes 3% ward leech

  • skeleton rogues (drunk so forgot proper name) can now transplant instead of teleport but at 2x the health cost

  • death knights now cast marrow shards instead of wandering souls (because souls is ridiculously underpowered), would also synergise well with physical spirit plague dmg

  • passive that grants you ward also grants minions ward at X% of whatever you gain

  • All inc dmg for reap changed to more dmg

  • lich passive that increases all melee dmg but decrease spell dmg by same amount

  • node somewhere that gives plague a chance to crit when applied to cursed/poisoned enemy

  • bone curse now causes 5 stacks of frailty if cursed enemy is hit with a crit but ends bone curse on that target

  • transplant now causes critically killed enemies to explode

  • rip blood node called blood curse, grants blood tether to minions that hit cursed enemy for X seconds per point

  • archmage extension node, can cast spells of whatever dmg type enemy is weakest to for X seconds (with cool down)

  • rip blood node called heart thief, gives 20-40% chance at double health/ward gain but costs 50% more mana

  1. Necromancer Mastery: Add: Gain 1 % MORE Armour & Resistances for each Minion you have.

  2. Necromancer passive: You take 1/2/3 % LESS damage on hit for each skeleton out. You do 10/20/30 LESS damage on hit for each skeleton out.
    → PLUS another passive point: You take 1/2/3/4/5 % LESS damage over time for each skeleton mage out. You do 5/10/15/20/25 LESS damage over time for each skeleton mage out.

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This is nice.

Maybe also

Pass on 1% of incoming damage per point spent in that node with your minions (5 Points possible)

Wandering Liches
Each Wandering Spirit can now use, every 10 seconds, one of your Acolyte and Lich active skills among Harvest, Marrow Shards, Hungering Souls, Spirit Plague, Infernal shade, Detonate Corpse, Aura of Decay, Drain Life, if selected as active skills, but you can no longer use spectral putrescence. -0.5 second per point, max 15 points.
Rationale : Automate support skills and increase cross-skill gameplay

Leech Auras
You gain an Aura of 2 meters that applies, every 10 seconds, on 1 random target inside the Aura, Drain Life or Rip Blood, if selected as active skills. +2 meters, -1 second, +1 target per point, max 20 points.
Rationale : Automate support skills and increase cross-skill gameplay

Shards and Corpses Auras
You gain an Aura of 2 meters that applies, every 10 seconds, on 1 random target inside the Aura, Marrow shards or Detonate Corpse, if selected as active skills. +2 meters, -1 second, +1 target per point, max 20 points.
Rationale : Automate support skills and increase cross-skill gameplay

Bone Curse Aura
You gain an Aura of 2 meters that applies, every 10 seconds, on 1 random uncursed target inside the Aura, Bone Curse, if selected as active skill. +2 meters, -1 second, +1 target per point, max 20 points.
Rationale : Automate support skills and increase cross-skill gameplay

Action Ward
Using or triggering a skill that is not on cooldown grants you 1 Ward, up to 100 Ward. +1 Ward, +100 Ward limit per point. Max 10 points.

You can now use a wand or melee weapon in your offhand
Rationale : Balance wands VS staves, and allow usage of melee weapons buffs (Undisputed Axe)

I’d love to see more Bleed support available to Acolyte in the Warlock’s skills and passives when Warlock gets released. I’ve gotten quite a few items and idols that would support such a build, but there aren’t a whole lot of skills/passives that really support bleed right now.

I like reaper form but I don’t like that it decays over time. Any chance we can have a way to perma play in reaper form? would obviously need drawbacks like no scaling from the skill itself or something

I would agree with that, but it’s a cheat death, so it will require a huge drawback to balance it.

Hi, i’ve played a fair bit of necromancer/minions on last epoch and some other games, and i have some suggestions below that i think would make the necro and minion playstyle more interesting.

(i) Passive(s) Point(s) that buff your minions but adds a debuff proportionally to the amount of minions you have. — There are a lot of skills that reduce the number of maximum summoned minions in exchange for more powerfull individual ones. The ideia is really nice, but in my opinion the numbers aren’t quite there yet to justify picking a few powerfull minions over a high amount of them. By giving strong buffs the lesser your minion count is, is a great way to improve this style.

(ii) Teleport your minions to yourself ----- Create anything that make this happens. The way it its right now, even with the most recent patch, the minions are still to slow and unreliable when i need them the most. Not to mention, is practially impossible to avoid any kind of aoe damage. The primalist “minion leap” specialization was the closest to this, but it was fairly unreliable.

(iii) general buff to minion’s projectile speed and aoe ---- In general, the game is too slow in my opinion. I think the monster density is low and sparse , and adding slow projectiles and aoes that only hit two or three enemies is really bad. Adding more aoe and projectile speed to all minions would be a great way to improve this (by all means, i also recommend improvements to the monster desinty and pack distribution).

(iv) graphic improvements to minions’ skills ---- This may be a bit of topic, but i think it must be mentioned as it’s really one of the things that bugs me the most. There are many visually good looking skills in the game, but minions (specially skeletons, skel. mages, and the bone golem) lack in this department. Slow moving minions and projectiles/skills with barely any visual appeal make them lack lusting and boring to use, as “nothing” happens on the screen to make me hooked. I think that giving the minions more clear speed and aoe would be a good start to solve this.

In general, i think the game is annoyingly slow paced, getting boring fast. It must be improved is this regard, specially for minions, which, in my oponion, are curently the most slow paced ones.

For the Lich class: Swift death 10% movement speed and 5% or so base crit while welding a two handed weapon.
Or!: after not damaging an enemy for 2 seconds gain 20% move speed and 10% base crit or higher. while wielding a two handed weapon.

It’s extremely hard to get high crit chance with a two handed weapon and the Lich lacks any significant movement bonuses.

you can get high crit chance on a two hander but you sacrifice too much base damage in pursuit of those mods.


Mad Legion 0/2:

1% increased minion movement speed per active minion.

The brighter the flame 0/3:

15% increased minion movement speed
Your minions take 8% increased damage

All for One 0/6:

  • Whenever a minion dies, gain X armour up to a maximum of Y.

Enduring Undeath

  • Lose X armour per minion

  • Minions gain Y armour per % of missing HP

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Passive from the Deathknight node in the Skeletal Mage skill tree. Replaces their dual wield with a large 2H axe and locks out hungering souls. (taking hungering souls also locks out this node).

20% slower attack speed for deathknights (Multiplier)
+6% base critical hit chance and +100% critical hit damage multiplier for Deathknights against bosses with less than 35% health. Divided among all your Deathknights.
1% chance for deathknights to instantly kill bosses with less than 25% health on hit. Divided among all your deathknights.

Undying Legion

Passive for all skeletal mages in the skeletal mage tree.

All skeletal mages has +5/10/15/20% more (multiplicative) armor and +3/6/9/12% to all resistances. But they move 5/10/15/20% slower (multiplicative) and have -0.5/1/1.5/2% base critical strike chance. Critical hits against skeleton mages has 15/30/45/60% chance to be downgraded to a regular hit.


Passive skill after Archmage node in Skeleton Mage tree.

Instead of summoning a single Skeleton Mage, you instead make a perfect replica of yourself. Which has access to - and uses - all the skills on your skill bar including their passive tree upgrades. The simulacrum has your stats and the bonuses from Archmage only, but not other passives from the Skeletal Mage tree itself.

You and your Simulacrum both deal -35% damage (multiplicative). The Simulacrum can not create minions itself, has a 6s CD on all abilities, and all damage taken by you and your simulacrum is split among you. Using Transplant on your Simulacrum heals you to full, but you lose control of your character (which is taken over by the AI) for 5 seconds - as turning your replica into your real self causes temporary confusion and existential crisis.

Turns into Corpse Explosion. Only works on corpses on the ground but does X% more damage.

Bone Curse

Bone Prison now can be used to trigger Corpse Explosion. Corpse Explosion triggered this way does NOT get the X% more damage.

Summon Skeleton

You can summon 5x your usual amount and it works as an aura now, consistently refreshing your summons. They are however, considerably weaker.

Wandering Spirits

Enemies killed while Wandering Spirits is active turn into Wandering Spirits themselves.

Lich Form

Instead of keeping your bar of skills, much like Bear form, you get a wealth of new skills. This is of course a separate passive, so it needs to be taken to get this form. Much like Bear Form, other skills are linked to this form through skill passive trees and can trigger those skills or passives if you have also gotten those. The skills acquired being overly edgy hybrid melee and range stuff. Like a gigant scythe for AOE or something.

I have no idea how you’d balance this stuff. Honestly, I was just thinking of my favorite builds from other ARPG’s I’ve liked. As for Lich Form, I enjoyed Bear Form and would like something similar.

Oh also, Death Seal. I hate that skill. I hate how it’s almost always mandatory on Lich. So if they could be changed in some way, that’d be amazing. Or maybe I’m alone in this?

Why not just have the node that removes the degen also get rid of the cheat death part? Maybe make it a flat mana degen instead (not increasing over time) and have swap the form end condition to mana instead.

Hey there and welcome to the LE community.

Just for your information, this thread is primarily meant for Passive Nodes within the Passive Tree

Maybe we can bring your suggestions to another seperate thread and talk about them, because I think you brought up a lot of ideas that are worthy to talk about.

I opened a new thread about it:

Hey there Elvenchakra,

just for full tranparency. Shtrak, the person you replied to has passed away a month ago.
Just wanted to inform you, so you don’t wait for an answer for a more active discussion on this, since you replied with a question.

I don’t have any opinion on your particular suggestion but just felt the need to inform you about this, especially because he was a very well knwon and respected member of the community and I am 100% sure he would very gladly start a discussion with you about that suggestion you made.

I heard about them passing away, but didn’t notice that that was who had made that post :frowning: . Wasn’t necessarily expecting a response from them anyway; just wanted to continue the discussion about reaper form.

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Quoting myself, because I said a lot of this in another post; while I was talking about Reaper Form in specific, that thought holds true throughout:

Additionally, replacing Wands of the Fallen and Symbol of Decay with Melee-focused nodes would also help the feel of Harvest and Reap being proper melee skills, not gimmicks.