Passive "knowledge of destruction" not giving crit chance

1% Crit chance every 2 points,
additional multiplier works

with no points

With 3 points

With 5 points

This is working as intended. “increased crit chance” is calculated based off of your “base crit chance”, which is flat 5%.
So with 7% increased crit chance you will have 5% * (1 + 0.07) = 5.35% crit chance.
It then gets rounded to nearest integer value, at least in the stats window.
So with 2 points spent (+14%) you wil lhave 5% * (1 + 2 * 0.07) = 5.7%, rounded up to 6%.

I have spent some time theorycrafting a crit build, and I can say these numbers are well balanced. These particular Mage nodes seem weak compared to Sorcerer ones (which give 10% multi or 20% chance per point), but actually provide almost the same DPS increase per point, provided you have already invested in Sorcerer nodes and crit gear.

Crit chance and Crit multi scale off of one another, so the more crit chance/multi you have, the more you get by further increases. With 300% multi and 300% chance (20% flat chance in stats, assuming 160% from passive tree and the rest from gear) these Mage nodes become quite potent.

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