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Passive "arcane flames" not proccing on fireball?

Just played 10 hous or so, so I suspect it’s something I don’t understand.

Arcane flames level 2: Even if I wayt 10+ seconds, inginte does not pricc on nearby enemies when I cast my first fireball on them. Hiwcome? I mean, sometimes something ignites, but I suspect that is beacuse other ignite effects. I would assume arcane flames would procc every time I use fireball after waiting 8+ seconds, no?

Welcome to the forum.

There are various factors here:

  1. You must hit an enemy with a fire skill.

  2. There must be an enemy “nearby” - I would assume nearby to the enemy you hit, but it could be interpretted to be nearby to your character - i.e. it may not ignite anything because nothing is actually nearby to you. This interpretation has caused confusion with other skills so its worth testing to see how Arcane Flames actually works.

  3. Nearby is roughly the distance of the ring around the dummy in the End Of Time location.

  4. The ignite doesnt specifically apply to the enemy you hit. It can if the enemy you hit doesnt die, but it could also apply to any enemy within range so you may not notice where the ignite is being applied.

  5. Any other ignites applied with whatever fire skill you proc, could be hiding what ignites Arcane Flames is appling - it would be important to test this with no other possible sources of ignite to be sure that AF is actually working or not.

  6. Obviously you can only test this against valid enemies or the dummies in the Champions Gate that have the enemy tag.

Thanks. i will try it out some more, but my initial testing does indeed capture everyting you said, except the “nearby” phrase might meaning me. Wich seems a weird intent when reading the skill verbatim. But yes, I will check it out.

Without “arcane flames”: Ok, with zero ignite chance, and deleveled fireball so it only hits one target, with no chance of piercing through to others, everything sems to be working as intended. Ignite procs on 25% of hits on the hit target only, according to fireball description.

Now with arcane flames:

Skill description:

“Your next fire ability that hits an enemy ignites additional enemies neraby. This effect has 8 seconds cooldown. This effect can ignite the enemy you hit unless it is killed by the hit”

When adding full five levels of “arcane flames”, it does indeed procc sometimes versus real enemies. It seems it proccs in priximity to me, not the target hit. Also, hitting a trget outside of range seems to put it on the 8s cooldown. Basically, any fireball hit seems to put arcane flamesl on cooldown, regardless if it had anything to trigger on in proximity to me. Unless the enemis have some stat that reduces procc chance, I think that is what is going on. Is this as intended?

It seem rather futile that it triggers when igniting zero enemies, putting it on 8s cooldown. The effect is that it basically never triggers.

Edit: I am not 100% sure I have mapped out exactly how taracane flames and fireball interacts. I at least know that it proccs much muss less often than the ability text led me to believe.

Thanks for testing this to be sure of what is happening.

Yeah, this is something that has caused quite a bit of discussion before on various skills. The ambiguity of the skill description vs how it actually functions can sometimes be quite confusing.

I have a feeling that Arcane Flames may have been created to work with things like Fire Auras / Elemental Novas - in which case the passive makes sense in terms of igniting nearby enemies. But, it does seem odd when used with a ranged skill like Fireball where imho, it should ignite around the hit enemy not the player char. But thats just my interpretation.

The cooldown tick irrespective of applying ignites is an interesting side effect too - again caused by ambiguity of the wording. It should say that the cooldown applies even if no enemies are ignited.

Not sure if you are on Discord, but you may want to ask the Devs if this is the passives intended implementation and if the text description is just the issue OR if they didnt intend the passive to work how its currently working.

You may even want to put up a suggestion in the tooltip channel for the devs to consider making the passive description less confusing.

Thanks for replying! I will check out the discord. Allthough, I am not sure I have mapped put exactly how it works with fireball. But I can at least say that it is not working nearly as well as I though from reading the desription, that much is clear.

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