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Passiv node & DoT Damage

Hi there, im still fairly new to the game, and is trying to make a bit more out of the box bladedancer DoT build that uses alle 3 types of dots Poison/Ignite/Bleed.
So i try to get passiv bonuses like Damage over time etc.

But under the passive skill tree there are a few nodes that just say i give more damage.
But to what? Melee? or all type og damage or how.

Rogue Tree:
Agility node that boost the damage depending on your move speed.
But how do it work? Do it boost all damage also DoT damage?
And is the boost only from the Haste or is it my overall move speed?

Bladedancer Tree:
Asuvon’s Pact it give you 90% more damage at full health, but do that damage boost all type also DoT damage?

Acid Flask Skill:
Amatoxic Pools node, makes enemies take 10% more damage from Over time damage.
Its it only from the poison damage from the skill as it is a node from that, or is it ALL DoT’s also fire and bleed?

Hope someone can helt me out here :slight_smile:

If a skill/passive node doesn’t specify a damage type then it affects everything.

Agility buffs all of your damage based on your movement speed at the time you use the skill that does the damage. For hit skills this is obvious, but for DoTs applied by the skill, their stats are snapshot at the time of application, so if you movement speed drops after applying the DoT, it keeps the higher damage buff from Agility & vice versa, if your movement speed increases after applying a DoT, the DoT keeps it’s original damage.


As above, it makes the mobs take more damage over time regardless of the source or damage element.

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Thx a lot for the good answer :slight_smile:

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