Party: Lost Connection to Server, Portal to Party Bug in Lightless Arbor

I play Last Epoch through Steam on Linux. I have attached my system logs and graphics settings.

My buddy and I as a party wanted to do Lightless Arbor. We used a key and went to it.


  • Every time we changed zones, I was Disconnected: Lost Connection to Server.
  • I would always re-log, join the party again, and teleport back to him. I was never teleported to where he was, and instead placed somewhere randomly within Lightless Arbor.
  • In the last zone of Lightless Arbor, when I disconnected and went to join the party and teleport to my friend again, I was teleported directly to the heart, the final phase of the boss, where I was frozen in place and could not move.
  • The boss killed me, and when I selected to resurrect, nothing happened. I was staring at my character at 0 HP unable to move and unable to take actions.
  • I returned to character selection and gave up.

I am attaching two player logs in the attached zip, as at some point instead of losing connection to the server, I fully crashed to desktop and had to restart the game. Together they should contain my entire misadventure in attempting party play.