Parry problems

First of all, sorry if I haven’t put this thread in the right place. And also, that my English can be read “strange” since I use a translator.

The fact is that the mechanics implemented in 1.0 are being more harmful and annoying than anything else.
The parry mechanic basically hears a “PLIM!” stopping the character in its tracks, both in skills and movement. In exchange it “offers” you a damage deflection. Okay.
Now I put my usual situations and that of my friends:

Primalist with 3000 defense, all at +75% + 40% movement speed (currently raising it more):

  • In bosses, they throw a DoT at you on the ground, you move to avoid it. PLIM! PLIM! PLIM! Am I parrying the poison in the soil? Dead

    • Time dungeon boss. He throws the vacuum aura (logically you move as far away from the boss as possible to clear the ground) He throws the PLIM aura at you! PLIM! PLIM! The boss comes and died.
  • Max groups, you have greatly increased attack speed + Berseker + Leech + Healing idol increases. Archers who hardly do any damage cause PLIM! PLIM! PLIM! and again killed by the closest group.


  • Basically the same thing happens to primalist. Anything that involves moving at high speed is cut off by a stupid blow. In this case it is worse since he is a rogue archer. You die almost instantly.


  • This bug for me is the most worrying of all, since there are builds that are based on continuous skill castings. When this is cast your life is low but your shield increases. What gives you survival.
    Well, start casting PLIM! PLIM! PLIM! and dead.

Please, this mechanic is bad, it adds nothing, it takes away movement, it takes away survival. And if there are players who for a reason benefit them, put a button to activate or deactivate this possibility. But in my opinion it is a bad implementation.

Maybe it’s something that I’m missing and I don’t know how to eliminate this option, I don’t know.

On the other hand, the game is amazing. And I really appreciate the clarity the developers have had this last week, which has been very complicated with the server problems.

All the best.

Are you sure this is Parry kicking in, and not simply Stun? It seems with v1.0, the annoying “almost every hit stuns you” feature has returned.

I couldn’t tell you, I understand that it is parry because he makes the noise that I mentioned, the character stops and you can see how he puts his weapons in a cross.

Anyway, thanks for the comment, I’ll try it and see.

Hi there. I used to play marksman before the parry mech was implemented.
Im pretty sure its not a stun. Its a parry mech because u can hear the sound clearly.
I have already spent like 100€ in this game. I really liked it till the parry mech has been implemented. My game now is a hell. I have a fast gamestyle where I run across the map to make big groups and then kill them. Thas a style I have developed on d3 where I have spent like 12k hours or more. Thas the best way to improve ur lvl but I cant keep this gamestyle at the moment due to that mentioned mech… maybe I sound like a toxic guy but thats not on purpose. Im only trying to explain my experience and my feelings about the game. Pls dont think im trying to flame or something. Im just being critic.
Between this mechanic and other bug I have had in my cicle character (where I try to join with cicle character the game make me login with my main at the point where I was with my cicle char xd) I have stoped to play :frowning:

im waiting for the bug solves and the parry mech changes to come back.

Despite all the things I have said your have developed a really good game. I wish u to keep improving it.


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OH, wow, I thought it was just me. Was getting frustrated. Good to know it’s actually a prevalent issue.

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Talk live with a moderator and ask about it. It’s not about parrys.
These are precisely stuns… It’s just that it’s confusing because of how the character behaves. Instead of that sound and your character putting his arms crossed… put him half bent and with stars spinning around his head… I don’t know XD

Oh I am pretty sure they are stuns but just feel that I get stunned so much more easily and a bit longer in 1.0. Might just be a subjective illusion.

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