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[Paladin] Sword of Rahyeh not working with procced spell

Sword of Rahyeh, the node on the last column of Paladin’s tree states that it gives additional ignite chance “if you have cast a spell recently” (doesn’t mention needing to be cast directly). Despite that, if you proc Holy Symbol, which states “when you block you cast Holy Symbol” (which has a spell tag), it doesn’t cause Sword of Rahyeh to give the ignite chance, atleast according to the tooltip. I’m also fairly certain it is not a tooltip error, since manually casting a spell causes the tooltip dps to reflect the buff.

Looks like Sword of Rahyeh is set up to work only with direct casts. I will double check to make sure this is intentional and if it is, we will update the tooltip to match this functionality.

Thanks for the report.