Paladin skill Judgement not healing

Hi, I created a unarmed judgment paladin build and all was going well, at around chapter 6-7 my consecrated ground created from judgement stopped healing me at all for what seems like no reason.

My character has nothing equipped that would negate healing and have only put specialization points into damage, nothing that would turn the healing off.
Restarting the game/switching zones/taking gear off does not fix it, it seems to be permanently bugged for my character.

Below are pictures of my gear/skill points/passives/and video proof
With almost 400% heal effect, 800 base hp, my health should be shooting back up

I’m experiencing the same issue. It was healing while leveling, and it stopped healing during my monolith progression. Been trying to figure out if I did something dumb to brick my guy, but I’m missing it if I did.

Judgement tooltip displays 268% healing effect from attunement, 50% from judgement skill tree, and 202% on character sheet from gear/passives. So the 50/s from the skill should be magnified to 260/s right? It doesn’t seem to be doing that.

Skill Tree



Not Healing

I found the cause of this. for some reason the Punish node in the judgement tree (bottom right) disables all healing from consecrated ground despite not stating anything like that.

Yep - confirmed on my guy as well. Took all points out of punish and now I am healing as I would expect.

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