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Paladin Shield Throw Bleed/Ignite Build 0.8D

A Paladin Shield Throw build focused mainly on Bleed with some Ignite too
-Very easy to play as you only need to click Shield Throw and occasionally Sigils, and quite tanky too
-Easily goes 200 Arena Waves with T13-17 Gear

With full Sigils and Smite procced we currently have :
  • 189% throw speed (222% at level 94+Jade amulet)
  • 297% Bleed chance/915 Bleed damage (+30%chance if you get a perfect Welryn axe, and +120% if you dare go 7 points more in Penance)
  • 25K tics at Target Dummy

Easy to play, Tanky, Monolith modifiers such as Dodge/Glancing Blow/Crit Avoidance has almost no effect on our damage, not very hard to gear (got my current gear playing casually SSC in less than a week)
Not top of the line Boss killer, but imo not that big of a deal since everything else melts so fast

Most important stats on Gear :

  • Helm : Bleed chance with axe
  • Armour : Increased Bleed Effect
  • Rings/Glove : Throwing Attack Speed/Frailty on hit/Reduced throwing mana cost


  • Atleast 1 idol with Smite proc chance on throw
  • Rest should be a combo of Bleed chance/Bleed duration/Damage over time/Physical damage over time

My Gear in the video isnt optimal yet and things i would change is :

  • Welryn axe for 30% more bleed chance (my current raider axe crit bonus is quite wortless)
  • Jade amulet with physical penetration (instead of the throw attack damage on mine)
  • Shield with Block effectiveness or other defensive stat (instead of throw attack damage)

Remaing last 9 passive points (if you get to level 100) should go in :

  • 3 in Blademaster(Sentinel)
  • 6 in Reverence of Duality (Paladin)

Thats about it, I know this is not a very detailed or thorough Guide, but hopefully someone finds a use for it :slight_smile: