Paladin Passives Seemingly Doing Nothing

Prayer and Rahyeh’s Strength within the Paladin tree appear to be doing absolutely nothing. There’s no buff and no increase to stats on the character sheet when I meet the requirements for them to proc. I tried respecing to remove them, hitting the dummy, then skilling them again and it is hard to tell, but I am convinced that neither of them are actually increasing my damage.

Prayer is a known issue.

Rahyeh’s Strength increases your fire damage if you have hit something with a melee attack in the last 4 seconds. I tried it with all the melee skills that one of my Paladins had (basic attack, Rive, Vengeance, Molten Blade, Manifest Weapon) & it increased the fire damage line on the character screen.

Unfortunately it also proc’d on Smite & Shield Throw… So it does appear to be bugged, just not quite in the way you thought.

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