Paladin passive tree stuck

i have 42 points in the paladin passive tree but it stuck half way and i cant get the third skill

Hey thereā€¦ Welcome to the forumsā€¦

The passive trees can get a little confusing for new players sometimesā€¦

Each passive node has multiple requirementsā€¦

  1. The number of passives in the base class
  2. The number of passives already spent in the mastery
  3. The numer of preceeding passives required for a chain linked nodeā€¦ (i.e. you cannot get another node if you havent specā€™d enough points in a linked preceeding node)

If none of the 3 points above rattles out a solution for you, then perhaps you can post a screenshot of your paladin skill tree and a note as to what you are trying to do (imgur will allow account less image posting that you can link here).

When you chose your mastery, did you choose the Paladin? You can only go past the half-way line in your chosen mastery.

Ahh that sounds like the problem thank you guess i will have to rebuild a new one :woozy_face:

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