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Paladin Passive Bugs

Today on stream, I noticed that there were some passives that didn’t seem to be giving me any positive results, so I ran a controlled test on them with the Training Dummies in town.

Penance currently doesn’t grant chance to bleed. I tested it by looking for any DOT numbers after attacking the dummy several times with no other source of DOT besides Penance. I then equipped a weapon that gave me chance to bleed on hit and was able to successfully apply bleed to the Training Dummy several times. It’s worth noting that the chance to bleed that you should get from the passive also does not show up in the character sheet. With one point in Penance, my character sheet still remained at zero.

Flash of Brilliance seems a bit more nuanced and I’m not sure if it’s intended to be the way it currently works. If so, it might need better clarification. Flash of Brilliance only provides chance to blind if you already have a source of chance to blind on gear. I tested this by trying to apply Blind on the testing dummy with the passive being my only source of blind chance and it never occurred. When I equipped a weapon with chance to blind, not only did the blind occur, but I also noticed I had more chance to blind than what was on the weapon. The weapon had 21% and the sheet was showing 24%, which makes sense if the chance to blind from the passive is being rolled into your prior blind chance (since one point grants 15%, which would be 3% of 21%).

Thanks for the report.

Penance is working for me. It’s expected that it won’t show up in the Character Sheet because it does not add a chance to apply bleed to all hits; Penance only adds a chance to bleed for melee and thrown attacks.

It appears that Flash of Brilliance is giving 3% increased blind chance instead of +3% blind chance.

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