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Paladin interaction questions

Does Lunge: Blood Rush count as a heal? I want to know if this skill would proc “Prayer” in the Paladin passive skill tree.

Also, would Last Wish proc Word of Power in the Sigils of Hope skill tree?

I am not sure if some of the wording is the same; “summon” vs “cast” a sigil. Is there a difference? Is “heal” different from “grant life”. I can guess myself, but I am not entirely sure how to see if this is the case or not.

No, life on hit is not a heal.

As long as the mob dies, it has a (very small) chance to proc Word of Power.

I can’t remember if the proc costs mana, I think not but it’s been a while.

Yes, heals, life on hit & leech are all different things & don’t interact with each other. Heals get buffed by “healing effectiveness”, leech gets buffed by increased leech & leech rate, life on hit gets buffed by attack/cast speed (whatever gives you more hits in a given timeframe).

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