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Paladin Feedback


Divine Essence + Divine Intervention
Divine Essence and Divine Intervention desperately require rebalancing. At 6% chance to gain one divine essence on heal per point, a max of 5 skill points (or 30% chance), alongside being limited to only three essences, there are just too many hoops to jump through for a temporary buff.

Divine Intervention requires one further skill point to give you the chance to avoid death - occurring only 10% of the time.

  • Divine Essence limit (base 3) should be raised or change to scale with points added.
  • Divine Essence should no longer have a decay rate; they should not naturally expire.
  • Divine Intervention should be a guaranteed proc on death with a long cooldown.
  • Another passive should be added after Divine Intervention that allows the effect to proc on player allies (not companions).


Sigils of Hope
Sigils of Hope’s uptime can be frustrating to maintain. With a base duration of 15 per sigil, four points can be spent within the skill tree to increase the time by 10 seconds and two Huge Idols can be equipped for a further maximum of 12 seconds (for a total of 37 seconds per sigil).

Considering that there are passives that consume sigils, and that the chances of spawning them outside of outright casting the skill are very low, this skill requires a second look.

  • Sigils produced by Sigils of Hope should have their base duration doubled (if not more).
  • Secondary sources of duration (skill tree, idols) should be doubled (if not more).

Holy Aura
Holy Aura references “nearby” allies, but does not make the player aware of what that distance is.

  • Add a visual effect to represent the aura radius.

Healing Hand
Healing Hand does not currently have a skill tree and should receive one to be properly tested before release.

  • Add a passive skill tree section that changes Healing Hand from a “Cast at Target” to an Aura that actively follows the player.
  • Healing Hand’s Aura could function similar to Holy Aura, where it is passively active, but weaker.
  • Activating Healing Hand’s Aura could cause a burst heal within the radius - with potential for other passive skill nodes to enhance or change the way the activation works (including but not limited to: restore ward, increase speed, increase damage, etc.)

Holy Trail does not currently work with Battle Standard.

  • The thrown Battle Standard should leave a Holy Trail behind it.