Paladin Build

I got a lvl 96 Paladin, build with Dr3ad’s Crit Hammer Throw. But it isn’t doing well in endgame. I wonder which would be better to spec into, Warpath/Shield Rush bleed, or Ignite Fire Warpath. I got all uniques for the Bleed build, but I lack wings for the Ignite Fire Build. I want a build that can farm T4 Julra to upgrade my uniques to legendary

Once they fix their connection issues, I was planning to work on the Paladin side of things again to see what changes, if any, are there. The problem is that many of these classes are still miles away from being balanced, with several classes still MIA.

If there is a legit issue with Hammer Throw being strong enough for end game content, then it points to issues with the skill itself and the options we have to utilize it in that manner. Not sure if the devs have a certain set of skills that they deem as the “big hitters” or if they truly give us the freedom to make most of the skills viable for end game.

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