Paladin Bleed Manifest Armor Build Guide - Best Season Starting Boss Slayer even after 0.9 nerfbat

Even after the 0.9 nerfs, Manifest Armor absolutely destroys bosses. In this build guide, you can see me killing Julra in 12-14 seconds without any Legendary Potential uniques. I’m running only 1 unique with 0LP and it is not a core item for the build. Which translates to the build performing well even with just rare items at around level 80. If you are considering starting a new character, try this build out and farm up end game items for another char!

Also, check out the build tier list that I share in the video. I rank all of the builds that I have posted a build guide for. I’ll keep it updated and add more content to it in the future!

Apologies for the error where I said Melee Area is a prefix and not a suffix on the weapon!

Build Planner:

Build Planner (Aspirational):

TC Build Tier List:


Im plaing on trying out this build. I got a Bardiche (49FP) with T3 DoT, T2 Melee Leech T6 Minion DoT and a open suffix. What way to go for that build? Suffix for bleed chance and try to reroll melee leech to phys dmg? Or keep melee leech for manifest armor sustain?

That’s a great one! I’d def do the first thing you mentioned - bleed on suffix and seal melee leech to replace with phys % dmg. MA isn’t meant to do flat damage with the bleed build so life leech won’t help too much. Also smite is your sustain so no need for life leech. Hope you get good RNG with it the FP!

Yeah…3 times filed to seal the leech <.<. Well its now T21…could be worse. Thanks. Gonna try out the build once i got time.

love it! now i try with “salt the wound” in glove and suloron’s step in boots replace sharper metal by steel greaves

Great timing for me. I’ve just got to monoliths last week, still trying to figure out what build I want to main. This guide is perfect at this point for me, going to use my lvl 72 paladin with this to get to emp. monoliths, and will update.

Just converted to this build from a Judgement Pally - and is awesome. The Pally judgement build does a little more damage but no where near as tanky - can tank alot with this build and see things melt. Exception Lagon

I assume melee leech has no affect for getting health back for us does it as shield throw is ranged isnt it?

Correct. Melee leech only affects melee skills, not throwing skills.