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Paladin appreciation thread

When it comes to choose a class and i’m not sure about it, if there is some kind of holy warrior / Templar/ crusader / paladin / etc etc. in the list - my choice!

First, I like the defensive aspect provided by shield. Second thing - auras. Dunno, just like the mechanics (usually they don’t cost much, no cast, provides benefits to party too). Favorite active skills - zeal (attack different targets around you or the same multiple times fast) + elemental damage aura, yeah that’s my jam; blessed hammer, smite, shield throw are nice too.

Any other paladin fans here?

Paladins tend to be my second-most played class. I always default to the Necromancer or whichever class is closest to them (e.g. Diablo III’s Witch Doctor), so after getting my fill of the squishy evil ranged character, I go for the heavily-armoured holy melee dude.

Had a lot of fun playing Protadins in WoW & Crusaders in D3!

Have you played Guild Wars? Their Paragon and Dervish classes were very cool.

No, i haven’t. Though i was playing GW2, guardian, but didn’t liked it. Overall, from all the games with paladin class, he’s perfect in D2. Damn, playing more than decade, yet i just started hammerdin quite recently (as i said zeal variations was my “main” build)!

Im very interested to see where this class is going, paladins have been my favorite class since 99 when i first played everquest, i played paladins in every game i play hehe

Looking forward to more information about the Paladin class! The skill and passive grid system of the game has a lot of potential and introduces a lot of variation; personally I would really like it to be able to spend points heavily into healing other supportive spells, almost like a Priest. Anyone who’s had the same thought?

I always love Paladin classes. I don’t know why, I just love the fantasy. It always seems to me that they are like the defacto sword and board fighter. It’s really, to me, one of the most iconic fantasy classes. Melee classes are always my go to, and if there is a Paladin. I am down. I have mained a pally in WoW for almost 10 years and have never wavered.

I am excited to see where the Paladin ends up here. Honestly having a paladin class is a big selling point to me.


We are in the process of removing the boards for the mastery classes.

I’ve moved this thread from Paladin to Knight as a courtesy.