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Packs: Past & Present

In August we will begin the alpha test for Last Epoch.

Anyone who has previously supported us at the $50 Elder tier or higher has already got access to our alpha stage of development. Please rest assured that no further course of action is required - we greatly appreciate your support, and we hope you enjoy exploring zones which will be part of the game at release! We have been working on the alpha for weeks now, and we’re very excited about sharing it with you.

There has been some discussion on how other people should be able to buy into the alpha. We have been carefully examining the points raised by those concerned, discussing internally what the most fair path forward is, and ultimately what is best for the future of the game and the community. We are now ready to announce the decisions we’ve made, and to share some insight on how we reached those decisions.

As we approach the alpha we will be working on another series of packs. These will contain a digital copy of the game at release, access to the alpha and beta tests, and some exclusive cosmetics.

We feel that the po