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Overtuned mobs

Last ruin monolith.75 res capped and 35% armor 1.5k hp getting 2-3 shot by normal void mobs…
edit 1. void touched scholar

What modifiers had you chosen?
Did you have any form of sustain?
What build were you playing?
Were you allowing yourself to be surrounded?

This sounds more like feedback than a bug.

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Moving from #bug-reports to #feedback-and-suggestions.

I dont recall the modifiers .
i guess life leech
melee void knight
no. the mobs are ranged

Might be because of the new changes that armor is only half as efficient against non-physical damage. (And also might be you chose a void damage modifier)

I havent gotten my endurance very high yet, and void damage is the thing i fear most (in arenas) atm.