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Overlay Map toggles after each zone change

The overlay map toggles automaticaly off after each zone change and after opening any sub-menu like inventory or passives and such. Trading seems fine though if you close the windows manually and not via esc-key (which toggles the overlay map off as well).
I like to play with the overlay map toggled on all times so this is a bit irritating.
If this works as intended see this post as a suggestion.

Alpha Version

Thanks for the report! This is definitely on the line between bug and suggestion, so no worries there. This likely won’t change anytime soon, but we should revisit it sometime.

I am having this issue as well.
As expressed, it does not toggle. It rather goes on when asked and other than using skills, anything else (windows of any sort) will switch it back, as well as going from zone to zone.

I understand from the previous post that apparently this is working as intended. This issue is not game-breaking to me.

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