Overhauling Tooltips to Better Present Information

In Patch 0.7.4 we will be overhauling the tooltips used for specialization trees and passives!


An example of our new tooltip design.


Aspects of our tooltips we wish to improve include;

  • Tooltips are often quite long, and the current design requires that you read all of it every time. We wanted to make it more feasible for players to quickly skim tooltips.
  • The original visual design had been created quickly during pre-alpha development. We wanted to give them a new appearance so that they would better fit our current UI.


The same design, but with points spent in the node.


Our new tooltips are divided into two sections. The first is a description of what the node does, which is intended to be accessible for new players. The second is a list of modifiers which shows how strong each of the node’s individual effects are.


Each individual modifier (e.g. Mana Cost) will have its own specific art.


The intention is to reduce the amount of time spent reading tooltips. Reading the description is sufficient to know whether you are interested in taking that node. The list of modifiers is intended to be something you can skim to review the node later. Seeing a Fireball node with ‘Pierce Chance’ and ‘Mana Cost’ immediately makes clear what that node does.


Negative effects are displayed in red for clarity.


Last Epoch currently has 86 skills, the majority of which now have specialization trees. Those trees have approximately 25 nodes on average, which means that this change requires us to review more than one thousand nodes. Due to the amount of work involved, we are not yet able to confirm whether every node will be updated in time for Patch 0.7.4.

What’s your favourite part of the new design? Is there anything you’d like to see changed?


Fantastic! All the love to these changes.

Will it still be possible to see the “+x% per point” scaling, when you have taken points in a particular node? By holding alt for example.


Awesome work guys always excited to read the upcoming improvements to the game!

I like that the revised tooltip convey modifiers in a simple and clear to read manner. My concern though, is that while the format conveys numerical changes very well; I’m not sure how it might look with passives/abilities that fundamentally changes how the skill behave, eg spiral hammers.

Looks a lot better than the current version, very nice.

Love it so far. I don’t have a favourite part because all are.

looks really nice!

Looks amazing. Great job!

Simple, clear and unambiguous. Love everything about it.

Edit: just noticed one thing in the example. The description of Winged Fire says “… faster and further…”. Projectile speed is on the tooltip, but not distance. Would be nice to have that there too, but not a deal-breaker :slight_smile:


Distance increase is the same as the speed increase.
The precision means that the projectile is limited in time and not in distance.
So with the same max duration, but with an increase in speed, it could reach further targets.

Oh, I see now. Thanks for the explanation.

Nice thank , i would like a better information for the total dps from active skill aswell .

This is an entry in Phase 2 of our Early Access Forecast. :slight_smile:


would be great if we could see DPS on ACTIVE SKILLS, specifically the actual main damage of the skill and a DPS on the character’s main menu with an example in diablo 3 that shows damage, healing and resistance in a more efficient way. it’s clear ! would be perfect if this were implemented.

This is an entry in Phase 2 of our Early Access Forecast. :slight_smile:

Could you perhaps create a new a thread dedicated to this suggestion?

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