Overgrowth Bloom

Is there a specific way to farm overgrowth bloom relics or something? I never found one, and the gambler doesn’t seem to trade them. Which would be very useful since i wanted to farm “Last Gift of the Mountain” and buying overgrowth bloom relics from the gambler till i got it would be the safer way

Overgrowth Bloom is a guaranteed unique drop from in one of the Time Rifts, the one with the plant boss at the end.

Don’t feel bad man. I have 700+ hours. Never got that uniq (still do not have it haha). It was first after Mcfluffin told me, that it is a drop from a specific boss, I realized that RNG was not against me. Haha :smiley:

Oh yeah sorry I think i explained my self poorly. I know about the unique overgrowth bloom, i’m talkin about the non-unique version which can be found on last epoch database Overgrowth Bloom - Relic - Last Epoch Item Database
I guess that this item isn’t actually in the game as a common drop right now, since the gambler doesn’t have it.
Maybe tho there’s a specific way to farm “Last Gift of the Mountain” as the Overgrowth Bloom unique? Otherwise i guess i’ll have to hope in RNG

I am pretty sure that base item only drops as uniques and cannot drop in other forms

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