Overall Stability Cap and Stability Transfer in Monoliths

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yesterday I noticed that you can earn more stability than for the actual quest echoes needed. So I kept on doing echoes until I reach the overall stability cap which seems to be 1500 stability! Each echo that you conquer after having reached 1500 stability doesnt count towards the overall stability anymore. So I thought, hey thats cool so I can keep on farming all the echoes I want and create a stability puffer for the next round.
Here is where the problem occured.

After I have killed the final Monolith Boss my overall stability was set to 0!!! This was a huge punishment and moment of frustration as I have legitimately earned it by conquering echoes.
The solution btw is rather simple. If this is intended the way it is now, then pls CAP the overall farmable stability at 1000, otherwise transfer the amount of stability above 1000 to the next “round” after having killed the final boss.

I personally prefer the second option as it gives the player more freedom and flexibility.


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Was this is the normal monos?
I’ve been playing with empowered looking for more corruption and I 100% have stability “left over” after completing the 3rd Quest Echo and the Timeline Boss.
Because I’ve been hunting for more corruption I forget to follow the stability progress and generally do the quest echos as an afterthought.

your solution seems to be the case whats done for empowered timelines.
cleared black sun with yesterday wir 40 stability more than needed.
after i killed rahyeh the monolith web progress was still there as well as the 40 stability more that i had.

it’s either a bug or the intended plan for normal monoliths.
either way, i agree with you that this should be the case for normal timelines too

It was Empowered Monos, not sure if additional stability is transferred if you havent reached the cap, but as I said when I killed the boss it was set to 0!

Just quickly ran the 3x quest echos for the timeline I was in. I started on something like 1050 and still had 51 ‘left over’ after killing the boss. Empowered, 156 corruption if that is in any way relevant.

So this might be a bug, I will do it again and record it, but it will take some time.

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