Overall feedback on game

Just my not objective opinion: the game is great, promises a great future if it stays on right path and listen to community needs. I like how it mixes some features of oldschool slashers and newer and original concepts:

  • skill tree tree,
  • simple crafting,
  • class specializations,
  • I like the diversity between character classes.
  • Devs appear to hear the community voice and allow them to have some impact on game, for example creating unique items concepts
  • rogue dual skills and few different build options (bow, melee, balista, throwing) instead of only “one right and best” in terms of clear speed and boss killing
  • It’s 0.8 and still it feels less buggy than a released Wolcen game :stuck_out_tongue:
  • charms passive system

Still, if i may, i would like to suggest what could be better:

  • any damage information about current used skill (currently there’s no way to check what are actual damage, crit chance or damage types of skill are) plus many current temporary modifiers are not reflected on character sheet. Plus i feel very confused if my current resistances, dodge, armor etc. are displayed for current area level(what level?) or base level 0. Often i don’t really know what is working with which skill or not and it’s hard to notice even when trying vs dummy.
  • some of the skills and skill nodes are very lagging in terms of efficency compared to other “meta” builds
  • some extra endgame mode would be cool, i like what Wolcen did with its ‘city management’, cool stuff (especially grinding for unlocking extra skill slot) and another layer of progression and reason to play; maybe as a DLC?
  • i think the transform idea is cool, every character could get something like that, and transform could be built-in system (like Wolcen transforming to demigod after some demon kills), not a skill which basically limits our number of usable skills on bar
  • cartonish cutscenes (like character intro) once in a while would be cool, between eras, locations or meaningful quests
  • I feel like arena mode could get some twist on higher levels to make it more interesting, feels very repetetive
  • I feel lack of meatgrinder locations where i can slaughter a ton of mobs (i’m aware that current optimization level of game won’t allow that, but thats another topic)
  • still FPS needs to be worked on
  • I don’t feel like after obtaining specialization we can still pick nodes from other ones
  • Sound are overall good, but after playing few hours i feel like i hear same track over and over, I had a feeling that there are few at most, tracks per era and I wish they were maybe a few, hmm, more energetic and dynamic, less nostalgic
  • UI could be scalable or somewhat customizable: right part of UI (minimap and foldable quests) is not necessary a good addition when playing arena and there’s a big disadvantage when monsters shoot you from below of screen due to UI plus perspective : they are shooting me and i can’t even see them
  • Some skills proc’s are not impactful at all in late game (those which doesn’t scale with player skills plus they have a cooldowns plus damage type different than skill which proc them)
  • Class specific charms only affects very few skills (i’m talking about “+x damage based on number of multishot arrows”, “+x fire damage to x skill”, etc. )
  • sometimes feels like items are boring, purples or uniques could get some twist like granting a skill or changing somehow how combat looks and feels

Hope you still keep a good work, 'coz there are currently a big open space for a new good ARPG*,
*besides PoE which becomes too complex and very not new player friendly (i feel like my character is useless or highly undervalued if i missed a season or two… or they don’t change legacy items so there are always a bunch of guys running with wrecking OP items which are not obtainable by new players, which doesn’t feel fair) :slight_smile: Plus, Diablo4 isn’t coming earlier than in 2 years

A lot of stuff you want to see is already mentioned in the forecast and in development ;).

Great feedback

Some thoughts about some of your points:

Tooltip dps (and probably stats like crit chance etc for individual skills) is planned for P4

Dodge Chance + Block and Armour Mitigation are based on the Area Level (so the level of the mobs in a given area), which is displayed in the Top Right, when you press Tab.
The stats shown in your character sheet, are always scaled to the current area level you are in (In Arena, Echo of a World and End of Times for example, this means it’s scaled to your level, while in Monolith Of Fate, each timeline has a fixed Area Level.

We still have 3 more End-Game Systems planned: Gates Of Memorium (multiple story playthroughs with different alternate versions of the story as far as we know); Epoch’s Call (Random Events that can occur in Monolith of Fate and Gates of Memorium, as far as we know); Eternity Cache (a combinations of a endgame encounter + crafting)

I don’t like the idea of every class having a Transformation Skill. The Druid and Lich Transformations are already pretty distinct and should stay at those classes.
But we certainly could get more transformations. (Mabye a Range/Caster one for Warlock and a 3rd one for Druid)

Story presentation is on their to-do list, but is an ongoing proccess. They already improved early story quiet a bit, but Cutscenes or Motion Comic are certainly a ressource consuming thing that will eventually come later down the line i assume. It’s just not priority at this point.

Agreed, i do dislike arena very much, even though it’s the only real competetive mode atm it’s just flat our boring and i do dislike infinite scaling content, since it forces META builds way too much

Not sure about that- Mob density in LE is deliberately lower than similar games, because most of the mob types do matter way mroe, than compared to those other similar games.

This is most likely also an ongoing proccess. I am almost certain that we will see more class-affixes and idols being added over time.

Endgame itemization is a big point in LE, some aspects are not very “exciting”.
They already did some pretty cool stuff with some of the exalted affixes, especially some of the new rogue class specific affixes, those are insanely exicitng as T6 or T7
(For Example the +X Mirages for Lethal Mirages, does scale from +1 to +2 on T6 and T7)

Stuff like this, makes T6 and T7 way more exciting, even though it’s also “just” a numeric improvement, it does feel more impactful and exciting.

Same for the +X to maximum ballista affix, that does scale from +1 to +2 on T7, also very exciting and potentially changes some aspects of your build to be able to utilize that.

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