Over capped poison res but still get 1 shot by T2 Lightless Arbor boss

I am level 86 with all over capped resists running T2 Lightless Arbor (level 65 lol)
and the boss 1 shots me with spore beam attack. I am running this T2 for prophecy reward.

I just find it really strange that the level 65 boss can 1 shot me, but I can run 100+ Emp monos no problem and the mobs DPS there is way stronger… supposedly

The scale between T3 and T4 is insane. I have over 3.5 K of Ward/life and I am instant killed by a blow Physical and Poison. So, I need what to be able to do it … I think they push over time damage too far… That hurt directly, Armor don’t work damage over time and if they put too much poison penetration it’s look instant kill.

Also most of the dungeon bosses are WAY overtuned when it comes to their dot effects.

Many boss moves are not designed to be facetanked even by maxed out characters. It’s a design choice.

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