Over 200 hours in this game since Launch and Quit

I will come back once the performance issues are addressed. Honestly I had a lot of fun but there is a fine line between fun and annoying when the game cannot keep up my own PC, casting spells and what not.

I will keep watching the patch notes here and there and hope that some day you actually decide to fix the game.

Post your PC specs

While I don’t have the greatest PC, the game has some performance issues, in specific maps (snowy graves or something like that) FPS plunges through the floor for me, while every other map is completely fine.
That’s not a game-breaking issue for me, however.

He doesn’t have to, this game is a buggy unoptimized mess.

Even 3k and 4k series cards are having issues.

Performance is a very common topic that gets brought up about the game. If it was just pc specs we wouldnt be seeing a ton of people posting about Performance issues.

Even on dev live streams questions about further performance patches gets brought up just about every stream

Why don’t I have any performance issues then?

If he’s running at min specs, or less, that’s definitely going to be a factor… We have no idea what kind of potato he may have.

GPU isn’t the only spec that matters tho… I run a 3 series with no issues.

A lot of gamers aren’t running RTX cards yet … A lot of gamers aren’t running $2500+ PCs either. I hear a lot of people post about performance too which is why I’m curious about the PC specs, because I don’t have performance issues on this game. Some server / connection / lag occasionally sure,

I’m running 32gb RAM, i7-11700KF @ 3.60GHz, and an RTX 3080. Right now I’m logging about 8hrs per week on LE, and have 500+ hours played… I really don’t have any noticeable performance issues anymore.

Here’s LE’s recommended specs as a reminder;
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5 6500 or AMD Ryzen 3 1200
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: nVidia RTX 3060 or AMD RX 6600-XT with 6GB+ GB of VRAM
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 22 GB available space
Additional Notes: SSD strongly recommended

Because the game is unoptimized with leaks and streamlining issues.

I have a 10 year old rig and the game runs smooth for me. In comparison a friend of mine has a 2 year old rig which vastly outperforms mine and has major troubles.

Also freezes during larger item drops happen regularly, which is a major issue as it can happen in critical situations during a monolith run. That’s overall not a good situation.

To take into consideration… I have 16 GB DDR 3 RAM, which is a disaster nowadays, as well as a i7-4200K which is even more of a disaster nowadays. My 3060 Ti I have in there is the newest piece of hardware and does its job fine… but the RAM and CPU are major issues… and I run it fairly well. My friend has a i9 13900K with 32 GB DDR 5 and a 4070 in it and it does worse then my rig.

So yes, performance is an issue.

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Which is very odd since LE has always been a CPU-bound game not a GPU-bound one.

Exactly, which makes it quite odd.

I imagine driver-issues with how more modern methods are handled, leading to freezes/dips in performance there.

Quite often it doesn’t matter if you have a top of the line PC or a potato. Well, it matters, but only to a certain extent.
The vast list of possible processors (both CPU and GPU) and their drivers can mean that a top of the line component can cause problems just as easily as a low-end one. It why many studions don’t like making PC games. There’s too much variety and it’s impossible to control everything as opposed to consoles where you know what the hardware is.

This is especially more so when the studio doesn’t own the engine, as happens with EHG and Unity. Many times the devs are limited in what they can change to fight this. It’s always been like this and it’s one of the biggest challenges to developing PC games.

There have even been LOTS of cases where seemingly innocent components like a USB multiport can cause games to crash, because windows/drivers/whatever.

It’s a challenge that the devs have to keep overcoming. From what I’ve seen from Mike’s streams, it’s a priority to them and they’re constantly working on it (especially because better performance means less servers required as well, so it’s a win/win for both them and the players).

This is not to say that the devs are blameless in this. It’s their obligation to make their game work properly and optimized. Just saying that it’s one of the hardest things in gaming development.


Intel I9 10900K
64 GB DDR4 XMP 3200
ROG Maximuis XII Extreme MOBO…
Game lives on a Nvme SSD
OS Is Windows 10.

Constant rubber banding in towns
lots of push back when casting my ELE novas.
Massive lag picking up shards
Casting spells and stuttering all the time , I get it this build is very flashy and I’ve even went as far as tweaking graphic settings as much as possible.

I’ve been playing ARPG games since Diablo came out then DII , D3, even tried Path Ex and had no lags there.

Currently in D4 things are smooth as butter.

I know it’s not my hardware.

It can be. I’ve played many games that crashed even though I played more demanding games with no issues. As I explained, even simple things like a USB multiport can cause a game to crash.
It’s still the devs responsibility to fix it, no doubt about that. But there are many things in your hardware that can cause it and not on another spec.

Honestly, the best thing anyone can do about this issue is to use the in-game report tool. That tool gathers information about your hardware as well as the game state and it’s the single best tool you can give the devs to fight it.

nice rig

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FWIW those all sound like issues with network communication rather than the game processing; playing in “pure offline” mode do you experience the same issues?

I have only played offline so far but I don’t have a PC nearly that beefy and it’s smoother than butter on a hot day for me (Mine is still pretty beefy, just not that beefy). The one time I was having issues with the cursor stuttering and jittering all over, it was an issue on the trackball’s side and not the game’s side.

Not saying that it’s definitively a network thing but it should be easy to validate with 100% certainty, then you can go from there. Could be an issue with the QoS settings on the router deprioritizing it, could be an issue with the server of course, could be an issue with the way the ISP is routing the traffic. Any of a number of things could cause issues with packet traffic even with overall smooth and stable internet.

Or, if it Is the game and not the network traffic and it persists in pure offline mode, then you know and you can submit a support case with DXDiag etc. But I can promise you this; they won’t even know what to fix if you don’t work with them since the issues you are describing are not ones which exist universally.

I had a legit bug, a corrupt file was causing it to be impossible to update the crafting materials or stash for my characters. I was able to identify and rectify it, just took some technical know how and effort. Had I not done so and moved on, and then loaded the game back up 2 years later the same issue would’ve existed.

260+ hours here. No issues with an i9 13900KS and a 4090 in 4k/144hz. There are some very rare dips to 75-80 FPS for a quick second at the worst of times and usually in the thickest of mayhem I sit around 110-125 FPS native with 144 Cap being the usual.

It seems everyone has different experiences. Like a lot of other titles out there.


ok I never said the game is crashing, number 1. It’s just pauses when casting spells, specifically the runemaster ele nova build , it was very flashy so I don’t think the game can handle it.

I believe if I was really having a hardware problem I would notice it too in other triple A titles that I play like World of Warcraft, another CPU bound MMO game, Diablo 4 which I believe hits both GPU and CPU pretty well. No issues at all in these games.

I’m trying to figure out if you’re really serious, if you’re simply not reading what I post or are just trying to dump your frustration on me.
I never said that your game was crashing, I was giving an example of a performance issue (crashing is also one) I’ve had. I also gave you the example that even something like a usb multiport can cause games to crash for seemingly no reason.
So you can never discount hardware.

Also, I said that due to the vast array of possible hardware combinations, it’s hard for devs to optimize their game when they don’t control the engine (in this case Unity).
When I say it could be your hardware, I’m not saying that your hardware is faulty. Just that your drivers or something in your processor could cause performance issues due to the devs not having been able to optimize for that specific GPU/CPU/etc.

As I also said, the best thing you can do is report the issue with the in-game bug report tool, which collects game data and also hardware data, so the devs can figure out what exactly in your particular case is doing that.

Was that clearer or are you going to be confrontational again? Just be patient if you are. It’s the weekend and I may take longer to reply.

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I am being serious, this is an legit gripe about this game. I did have fun for the 2 months that I played, maybe started a week after launch.

I believe you just aren’t seeing the tone of my messages , I am not in any way trying to charge you up.

I get what you’re saying, I’ve worked in the field for 30 + years, I know how hardware works and I’ve built my own computers since 1997. :slight_smile: The devs not having access to the game engine speaks for itself.

Ok, I was probably just misunderstanding. It’s been a long week and I’m kinda grumpy. If that was the case, then I apologize.

Anyway, I believe LE still uses an older version of Unity. I believe Mike said in his stream that they’re upgrading it (for 1.1?). It could maybe help. Older engines quite often have issues with newer cards.
Optimization is a huge priority for them because not only will it be a good thing for players, it’s also a good thing for them because of the number of servers required to run LE.

So as long as you keep sending those reports, I’m sure they’ll keep working on making everything smooth.