Outcast Queen Security

Dear diary

I have reached the Outcast camp. All going well so far, but finding this “Queen” Gaspar mentionned could be tricky, the place must be heavily guarded…
Moving in now…

Guard: Halt! Where did you come from?
Me: I’m here to see the Queen.
Guard: Right… Well, be careful.
Me: Goodbye.

[Note to self: before I leave for Welryn, I really should help the queen with her security arrangements. They seem just a little bit lax right now.]

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I assume I am one of very few players actually reading all the dialogues, but I have to ask: are you considering re-writing some of them? Giving them a bit more depth, if you see what I mean?
A lot of them are really lacking.

Happy to help (on a volunteer basis obviously) if needed.