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Our first day on KickStarter

Hello Travelers!

The team wants to say we are floored by the amount of positive responses, people spreading the word via streaming, social posts, DMs, etc. We are incredibly grateful and because of your help we were able to raise 11% of our total goal in the first 24 hours.

Some frequently asked questions we’ve received that I want to address;

  • Yes, all backer tiers come with the previous backer tiers rewards - cosmetic points are not additive
  • The $16 Seeker early bird DOES come with the same amount of cosmetic points as the seeker tier - unfortunately we cannot update the tier to say so explicitly after people have backed
  • The Estimated Delivery Date shows 2020 because thats when we estimate the full game will be released which is included in all backer tiers. Alpha, Beta, T-shirt, and other rewards can be expected much sooner.

We are continuing to improve our demo from your feedback during the campaign. Along with some bug fixes, keep an eye out for the following new features:

  • Crafting Shard UI to save inventory space
  • New gear models
  • Increased mob density in later areas

Thank you all for your incredible support. Please continue to help us spread the word and we look forward to making Last Epoch a game that you play for thousands of hours in the future :slight_smile:

 - Eleventh Hour Games

I just backed as a pathfinder supporter as this game is right up my street.

Really hope this works out for you guys and I will spread the word as much as I can. Looking forward to watching the game develop.

Thank you!!

We genuinely appreciate all of the enthusiasm you guys ‘n’ gals have shown. :slight_smile:

Even at this point in the games history its got a great future.

I invested $50 as it looks good, How do I get into it to DL?

Thanks for being so generous!

Neither the alpha nor beta clients are available yet. Assuming that the KickStarter is successful, we’ll be able to message all backers and arrange access to the alpha client. We anticipate the transition from pre-alpha to alpha occurring within the next two months. We’d like to remain in pre-alpha for a bit so that people interested in the KickStarter get a chance to see that we are releasing updates.

If it isn’t… well, backers are charged when a KickStarter is successful, otherwise the campaign is cancelled. If that happens we’ll look into alternative ways of bringing the game to 1.0 and beyond. It would be quite a setback, but we’ve no plans to give up on the game.

Hi, would I be able to get into in pre-alpha?

There’s no registration or anything, just click the download button here. In the next couple of months we’ll move on to alpha development and only backers will continue receiving updates. Until then, we want everyone to be able to try it out. :slight_smile:

It’s currently only available for Windows. A Linux client has started being tested internally. We’ll continue working on that, and begin making progress on MacOS support, as we continue development.

thank you sarno

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