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Ouch, racist chat is painfull to see

They already are, which is why support can review them & ban offenders.

One of the downsides of having a moderating presence is the cost of employing several people who speak the various different languages.


As a somone responded, the squares are symbols that your machine did not render, due to language. Stop attributing and jumping to racism the instant something you dont understand happens

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I don´t know about this chat, you are talking about in-game.
Only thing I see is some text flying by and then vanishes into thin air. I play the game, I couldn´t care less about some chat-text flying by.

Yes, the cost is a large downside which is why I suggested the use of community volunteer moderators selected by LE staff.

The alternative is a half policed chat, which is what we see in most games, and we can also see how that usually turns out. The only people who use chat in those games are mainly the very people that cause the issues. Most typical gamers simply disable the feature which imho dilutes the community aspect of the game considerably.

I’d personally rather they addressed this issue now, prior to MP release and why it is still a relatively minor problem, rather than later after MP release when it will probably be too late.

Gamers and racism, name a more iconic duo.

Bacon and eggs.

Where I’m from this is pretty simple: If I’m offending you by calling you (insert rude word here) I’m the offender but if you call me names because of it you are no better and offended as well.
I don’t care for the squares because squares never did something to me but I care about raceism. It don’t matter who starts it it matters that people go forth with it and don’t stop it instantly.

simply pointing out, to OP that it was not actualy racism, but font that caused OP to make the post, but attributed it to racism, rather than the actual cause.
And nowdays, it seem annyone wants to attribute annything to racism, rather than the actual cause, to the point where racism has no meaning, as it’s been used to describe non-racist things so much, that annyone with half a brain sould be suspicious when somone attributes something to it.
To your point of calling names back and forth, I dont give a damn if somone is offended, and of the opinnion, that if you are dishing out, you should be able to take a hit. If not, you should probably never talk/interact with other sentient beings again.

How to say you’re a racist without actually saying it.

Without wanting to get dragged into a political slanging match here, the word “racist” is used far too often and often wrongly in these politically correct and sensitive times.

Let us not forget the traditional dictionary definition of racism:

Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.

The belief that different races possess distinct characteristics, abilities, or qualities, especially so as to distinguish them as inferior or superior to one another.


Calling people names or upsetting people is NOT racism. Calling people names etc entirely due to their race or ethnic origin IS racism.

All too often people shout the racism card now simply because they are upset or offended, and this actually lessens the importance of combating REAL racism.

If I call my neighbour a “complete dick”, it is because I think he is a “complete dick”. That is not racist, regardless of whether or not he gets upset. If I call my neighbour a “Complete Green Skinned Martian Dick” and he is from Mars, then that is Racism because I am referring to his Martian ethnicity at the same time as my insult.


It’s not Chinese, it’s west Tiwanese.

Oh yes of course, you have no political opinions, just helping out the poor peasants with your dictionary definitions and nothing else. Yes sir, thank you, sir!

There is racial context in the matter so your point is invalid.

Complaining that these are politically correct and sensitive times just shows your colours.
The reason why there is so much use of the word is because there is so much of it - downplaying it’s significance is your standard run of the mill racist Gamer talking point.

And of course - “Don’t call me racist, think about the real racism that’s going on.”
I say get rid of “real” and “the other” racists as well.

Let’s hear something new.

LOL, you serious?


Or, you know, you could chill out for a bit… This thread has gone through the arguments, no need to resurrect them.

@Resist1990 Let me introduce you to kiss_me_quick, he… has some viewpoints on things…

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Well that’s rather condescending.

Guess we all have to privately message Lord @Llama8 if we’re allowed to take part of the conversation and express counter-arguments to other people with of course acceptable viewpoints( anti-racism whaaat!? WOW no way hose! ).


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Yeah, it seems someone here thinks that it is always everyone else, not them.

My post was quite objective, meant to give a neutral perspective, and not personal in any way. The fact that you then replied making it personal tells me all I need to know about your perspectives on things. I don’t waste my time indulging in discussions with close minded, paranoid zealots, so I’ll leave it at that. I’ll continue to read anything that’s entertaining in its lunacy, but when you go over the top I’ll simply stick you on the tried and tested block list. It’s a nice quiet room with bacon sandwiches and free coffee, so enjoy the lounge if you end up there. Please don’t leave the block list room messy or untidy :wink:

Anyone from any political aisle could be saying these things! Facts & logic + my opinion is fact.

  • Joins conversation
  • Tells people to shut up
    “It’s just one of these pot and kettle situations you know!”

God… I thought he was back to POE forums for good. Guess no one left to troll those forums and he has to be here.

Hey guys, I am closing this thread because I feel like it is no longer constructive. I want to say that we hear you, we understand your frustration and are looking into situations to make chat a positive experience for everyone. That being said, you see any toxic behavior in chat that goes against our ToS, please submit a support ticket and we will take action accordingly.

Thank you.