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Ouch, racist chat is painfull to see

One of the positives of playing in a paid Beta is seeing all the helpfull and positive chat going about. Everybody (There are always some outliers) is motivated to try and make it a nice community. Overall it seems to work that way.
I dont know if its a recent thing but certainly something concerning is the asian racist chat going about. The racism seems to come from both sides.
Instigator seems to be all the squares in chat. Thought im sure some use this to troll about but most in chat seem to think the squares are there because Chinese letters wont load in.
Although understandingly annoying its kinda painfull to read all the racism being trown around because of it. Specially with the new Patch coming, which always draws in new or returing players.
Asking people to stop is of course wishfull thinking and a solution offered by EHG would take time. So i dont expect this to go away soon, but just though it would be something to bring up. Others might be able to offer a solution in a discussion. :slight_smile:


Agreed, the chat can be really painful these days.
Usually I read the chat and I try to help people, be recently I muted the chat several times, to have a more quite playing session.
Even infinite talks about PoE are less painful than some comments we can read these days.

It’s still important to note that the vast majority of the chat stays polite and helpful though!


You can report chat and they will ban offenders.


If you really want to lose faith in humanity, go take a gander at the d2r forum.
Dear god that community is toxic.

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Hi all, the squares that you’ve been seeing in chat are characters or symbols that are not rendered correctly on your PC due to not having a font-face that supports it. This is usually due to another language with those characters or symbols being sent, and the reason you see them sent in succession is because others that are seeing those messages rendered correctly are responding.

We’ve added a supporting font file that will allow these characters to render correctly in the patch releasing tomorrow. Please be aware that these are other players enjoying conversation around the game as well and are not meant as malicious spamming in chat. We fully understand that seeing multiple languages in the same global chat, even when rendered correctly, is not ideal and will be addressing this in the future. In the mean time please follow our code of conduct and treat others courteously. Apologies and thanks for your understanding.


Gaming is toxic in general, lets not pretend otherwise & let’s not pretend that LE is any different.


Never said it is.
D2R is close to release, so the forums there are VERY active.
Mention P-loot and enjoy :slight_smile:

I have just replied to the charm inventory thread, so i know all about it thanks :joy:

In my country there ia expresion 1000people 1000 personalities its not all rainbow and flowers some people are good some are bad, some people are very closed minded etc, why not just do what u would do when u are dealing with those kinda of people in real life (u are avoiding them) on chat i guess u can mute them if there is that option. We are nor kids that we dont know how to handle those situations when they arise
All the best


It is incredible but the chat in D3 is a very helpful and polite one. And you don’t often see off-topic conversations there. Usually on the game itself where guys asking for advice or help. Very rarely you can see something toxic there. I can’t explain why it is so. For example, the PoE chat is perma-off for me as it is full of schoolboys memes bout moms and f. words and racist jokes etc all those disgusting toxic stuff.

Look at the Bless Unleashed chat. I think there is nothing that comes close to this. Sometimes I wish operators of games have some mini jobs paid with 100€/month to do some moderation work ^^.

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I fully agree about D3. This has always impressed me: the vast majority of players are nice, polite and helpful. I’ve seen multiple times players adding someone to invite them in a private party just to tech them something. I have benefited from this and I’ve done it multiple times. This community is a real pleasure.

I don’t know the other ARPGs’ communities, though. Online, I mainly played Overwatch, which is very different. Globally, the community is toxic. Very childish (not as young, but as immature), lots of insults, of people blaming their team for their own failures, etc. A nightmare.

“chat is toxic” welcome to the internet


Chat got a lot more toxic in the last couple of weeks it feels like. I actually disabled it for a while. Every time I enable it I seem to see an unfriendly chat and disable again. Sometimes chat is fun.


I have noticed more trolls lately and a few people really pushing the boundary’s in chat. Last night was one of them. Overall though great community so far. There was a Q & A Employee from EHG on last night chatting and answering questions for us seemed like a really cool guy and looked like he really enjoyed his job.

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Most of the time I’ve been in chat I have not had a problem.

I think the biggest troll thing I’ve seen is people constantly bringing up or comparing this game to POE.

I almost always end up seeing a random conversation about some aspect of this game compared to PoE pop up when i play this game, without fail.

I look forward to when the conversations are just about this game for the most part in chat.

I had a really great convo about primalist the other day that helped me with my swipe beastmaster build. This community is pretty great for the most part.

I really hope the racist chat stuff is crushed quickly. I will make sure to report it if i see it thats for sure.

Just wait and see. Last Epoch is and shall be greater then Path of Exile ever been.
Anyway, remains to be seen of course, but Last Epoch have done some of the things already much better then Path of Exile
But surely I shall say very little about anything since Last Epoch is not yet a fully finished game.

Not targeting this at you, but a lot of the people in chat who say this are often part of the problem in chat. People who make chat bad often don’t see anything wrong with their behavior. That’s why I have been keeping chat off a lot lately.

Also the other big problem is offensive account names in chat. Like holy cow some of you need to see a priest.


Sometimes it is the people constantly complaining about the nature of chat in chat that are more toxic though.


90% of the intelligent players already gave up on blizzard. All their fanbases are toxic because the people who are left are mostly bottom of the barrel dysfunctional morons.

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