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Other languanges?...

Does anyone know if later, the game will be translated into other languages ​​such as Spanish? Thank you

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Sorry, I don’t know.
Before the Kickstarter was over, I asked if they wanted translations, but understandably, they didn’t want to confirm anything before the Kickstarter succeeded.
Since it now has, I guess they’ll be thinking about localization, but probably won’t put any resources into that now.

I know it’s a revived thread, but in some cases the community can help with translating games too (talking about literacy translation, not voice over).

We’re not yet able to confirm whether the game will be translated into other languages.

I hoping in a future they are shall done this as Grim Down’s devs did. Especially i hoping on Russian language. Too many west devs do not even know how many of us love to play. Unless exept Blizzard Inc., Bethesda Game Studios, and new Grinding Gear Games. The language can be the critical factor for choice- to buy game or not.

While we really want to translate the game into other languages to have as many people playing the game as possible, it’s very unlikely we will be able to do this prior to release.

After we launch version 1.0 in 2020 we’ll look at localization options again.

We are understand this.