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Orion’s eye

The rarity of this thing is quite high. While it provides some nice perks it isn’t an offensive juggernaut. Does it deserve this kind of rarity?

Yes, it does.

Can you explain why you think it does?

It not only completely removes your need for one of 7 resists, but also makes you 10-15% more tanky vs two of those damage types. Saying it is a great defensive item is close to an understatement. Considering that it isn’t exactly build enabling and more of a chase item, I’d say that EHG could make it as rare as they want to really. I do want one quite badly for my Focus bomber though.

Uh, because it’s extremely powerful and enables significant flexibility in gearing in ways that no other item does?

  • It allows you to ignore Void resistance entirely on your gear and Blessings.
  • It makes you take significantly less damage from two entire damage types, three if you combine it with Ashen Crown.
  • It allows you to hit mana thresholds for powerful Mage damage passives, skill talents, and idols with a single item.

I’m not sure what you don’t understand. Why shouldn’t something that strong be rare?

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Chill - I just asked for opinions here.


No…its not even that good. Ive had one for a long time and used it for a few minutes and banked it forever

if you arent playing a Mage then its pretty much a trap item to me and even then I cant see a reason to go above 300 mana which I think you can do without this item anyway

I dont like relying on a single item to cap an easy resistance, theres no reason to do that. Theres no damage on the amulet, Mana is generally worthless to me anyway as I avoid spending mana if possible and having a higher mana pool but no way to regain it faster is another trap

IMO Omnis is the best item, if you cant use Omnis use a rare amulet. If you think Orians Eye is amazing…use it but I dont think it is at all.

Im not sure if that line even works anymore, that line was from when Resistances were a flat rate. the line ‘100% Increased Fire Protection’ implies your flat fire resist would go from 1000 to 2000

This line does not say ‘take reduced fire damage’

if anything it just puts you from 75% to 150% fire resistance…doing effectively nothing if already capped, so you have an item that gives you free void resistance…and some mana, maybe someone can confirm it because if it just doubles your fire resistance the items is far less valuable

It doesn’t say that anymore, its 10-15% less fire damage taken, which is a multiplicative damage reduction for fire.

It’s more useful as a Sorcerer, which is clearly what Bronco was using it on but it still has 2 useful defensive affixes (less fire damage taken and all void damage taken as fire).

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