Order of Death vs Archmage

Right now, I have 4 mage skeletons that I can summon due to Order of Death and Necromancer being my mastery.

If I was to select Archmage that says that my max of mages would be 1, because of Order of Death, would my max still be 1 or it would now be 2?

Trying to see which of the two paths is better between having 4 mages vs having 1 archmage (that do not even seem to be stronger based on the number of mages I could get).

Actually, the question could be extended to the regular skeletons as far as the number of bodies goes. I have 7 skeletons right now and I am wondering if it would be worth it to use the “1 warrior max” node or the node that cut in half your max at all.

Could be worth it if I go for the permanent abomination as it works when you have a max of 5 skeletons but I am WAY far from having 40 dots in my necro tree right now :slight_smile:

Still 1. For reference, if you had the nodes where skellys are bigger but you get half of them, it would apply the +1 before the /2. Same thing here. It applies +1 before getting the restriction of max 1.

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Dread phalanx for 7 minions is… kind of an increase, sort of… you gain somewhere around 2.3% more damage total, but lose minion health pool and any armor shred and other effects the minions did. 3 and 5 are the best numbers for phalanx and even then its a negligible increase. At the moment its more of a trap skill and just really, really bad. Honestly if you are doing skeletons at all you should only focus on archers, less dumb AI running back and forth since they can almost always shoot stuff.

Archmage sets your max skele mages to 1, overiding any other increases. if you have 3 or less its a bonus, 4 and 5 then its a net loss in terms of damage. If you are really trying to focus on just the single archmage with the shades then it ends up equal to 3.8 - 4.3 normal mages damage wise but this makes the shade not help any other minions you might have so again a net loss.

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