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Orbital Devastator Build Guide (Forgestrike Crit Build) - Ready for 0.8.4, Lootfilter included (will be updated once 0.8.4 drops)

Hello LE community! I am back with some guide before and during 0.8.4, starting with a Forge Strike build!

My other guides will also feature a unique section for potential legendaries. This one was sadly recorded and cut before the legendary news! But I will give my recommandations as a comment further down!

Here is the video.

This one will see an update once 0.8.4 drops!
Lootfilter - Crit Phys Forge Guard Forge Strike 8.3.xml (125.3 KB)

Planner 0-25 - Last Epoch Build Planner
Planner 25-50 - Last Epoch Build Planner
Planner 50-75 - Last Epoch Build Planner
Planner 75-100 (Current character gear and optimal Blessings) - Last Epoch Build Planner

Have fun with it and see you in a few days with the next one!
Keep save travlers!

I think an autocast devouring orb with maxed dark torrent might work better than ring of shields for your build, with all those extra armor and phys shred procs.

Tried it, felt a bit too squishy so i reverted back to ring of shields, might be better once we get our hands on legendaries!

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