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Orbit Hammer not working with Enra's tech node

If you get the orbit hammer node first then get the Enra’s tech node. the hammer will not be orbiting, which ruins the build…

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I’m not on my sentinel right now to check, but I’m 99% sure that this is working as intended.
If you read the passive “Enra’s Tech” it says that if your hammers would orbit, you INSTEAD get the specified bonus.

Enra’s Tech ruins the build. Please FIX!

I got Iron Spiral and Hammer Vortex node, then after taking Enra’s Tech it wont orbit or spiral anymore.

The problem isn’t getting the bonus, but it disables the orbiting hammers that people specced into. Taking the node automatically brings it back to the default hammer (just throwing hammer).

Thanks, I missed the ‘instead’//

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