Optional Town Hubs


Another quick suggestion from me that I would really love is the ability to make seeing out of party people in towns optional - kind of akin to some other games where you can toggle this. My friend group personally really dislikes seeing other players and their gear buzzing around towns and it feels a little spoilery to us too. We love the journey being about just our group and not seeing anyone else on the way.


Good news! This has been mentioned a few times. I think it might even be mentioned in a recent patch note :slight_smile:

Yep. Its in here


I can’t quite tell where the optional nature is mentioned. Could you pull out a direct quote please? All I see is that there will be town hubs (which I do not want to partake in myself with my group, so I’d like them to be optional)

Hi there, i think it might have been late after smashing mobs for too long and i completely misinterpeted your post.

I dont think theyve spoken about it being optional.

That said, they implemented ability to disable chat, so you never know