Option to show "Stat changes if equipped" when hovering ground items (without ctrl modifier nor showing the equipped item)

Hey there,

So, the default view when hovering a ground item is this.

When the ctrl modifier is held, both items show and the ground item gets a new stat changes section.

I’d love it if we could have an option to show the ground item but with the “Stat changes if equipped” section included. Basically show this variation of the window by default on mouse hover.

The ctrl modifier could perform as it does currently, showing that window as well as the currently equipped item for a full and proper comparison.

Why bother? A lot of items drop, and even with a loot filter if you’re the type of person who loves to compare items or you’re unfamiliar with all the various item types and names you spend a lot of time pausing between combat to ctrl check items on the ground.

I’m sure many wouldn’t want to see stat changes by default, which is why I think having it as an option would be great. I’d like to see items in the inventory work this way as well, since so much time is spent comparing gear (but sometimes you just want to see the quick and dirty green + / red -).


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