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Option to make the 'move' keybind only move and not interact with waypoints, NPCs, etc?

I’m very glad that we have the option to bind a key to Move, so thank you first for that.

One thing I’d like to request is maybe an option to have ‘move’ only move the player and not interact with anything the mouse cursor happens to hover over. It’s not a terribly big deal but many times it’ll catch me off guard or cause me to stop and then deal with whatever I accidentally interacted with.

edit: Oh and before anyone asks, the option on my skill bar is just set to move so that doesn’t change anything with regards to interactions.

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I agree! I always accidentally portal to the next map over a lot. Not sure if this is what you mean, but it’s super annoying. You don’t have to get too close to the end of the map to teleport to the next one and it’s annoying.

It’s also very buggy talking to NPC’s like half the time you accidentally talk to them not meaning to and then it doesn’t work anyway and you have to talk to them again. IDK how to explain it, but yeah.