Option to hide Minimap Quest Tracker (similar to "Show damage numbers")

Some players would love to be able to hide the Quest Tracker on the minimap.

By being forced to see it the whole feeling of exploration for the particular zone is spoiled. You know already the right direction and your playthrough for the campaign can easily become “mindless racing in the right direction” so that you can advance quicker.

I am not suggestion removing it completely but simply having an option to not display it, if a player decides to do so. Just a checkbox in Gameplay section similar to “Display damage numbers”. It can be ON by default.


  • easy to implement from development point of view
  • would vastly improve the campaign experience for some players
  • players who disagree would be affected (many won’t even notice the option)


  • unclear if many players would appreatiate and use this option - 20%? 10%?

Display Quest Tracker.zip (232.5 KB)

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