Option to have damage numbers should change color to reflect the type of damage being done

Currently all damage is displayed as a white number unless it is a critical strike in which case it is displayed as yellow. To provide better visual feedback to players and let them know how much damage of each type they are doing it would be nice to have a feature that enabled us to toggle damage number colors to reflect the type of damage being done (e.g. Fire would be orange, Void would be purple, etc…). This would provide better visual pop in addition to visually communicating damage profiles to players.

Potential caveats:

  • Colorblind players need the ability to adjust how certain colors are displayed
  • Can certain moves do multiple types of damage simultaneously and is this damage shown under a single number? If so there might need to be some reworking of the damage display when this option is enabled to tease apart the various damage types
    • Leads to potential screen clutter

Every skill can do multiple damage elements, melee/bow is more obvious as you can craft flat damage of nearly any element which is generally not converted (unless you’re a rogue).

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