Option not to pick a Mastery class

Hello, in your last DEV stream, somebody ask about option not to pick a Mastery class.
I would suggest not to skip it, but passive bonuses active after you spend 1 point in Mastery class.
This way we can experience content without Mastery class benefits, but nobody can skip the choise by accident. Thoughts?

Only one thought at this time for me, and that’s regarding your last comment about nobody being able to skip by accident. The Mastery class choosing is done that way but most people don’t read the text and then many of them complain about it.

I think this could cause a lot more complaining from people who don’t read it and then cry about how they weren’t given a choice.

Otherwise, I’m not sure of the benefit of not choosing a Mastery class, as it’s actually a part of the game design.

There’s no benefit of not choosing a mastery. All the information is available to you on what each mastery gains. Choosing a mastery is part of the progression of your character. You cannot put any points in the mastery passive trees until you do it so you’d only be halting all progression on your character until you chose it, so it makes no sense to stall it.

Unless you want extra challenge. Some players want to have extra challenge mode. Mike spoke on stream about adding this option in character creation. I thought my suggestion wont hurt anyone and will solve this need. You can make community challenge to push arena, same as we have softcore/hardcore challenge now.

Yeah, I enjoyed this challenge when I did it many patches ago. I completed all the major content available at that time, but it’d probably be slightly more challenging to do the same thing now. Though, you don’t have access to the story after reaching the End of Time and thus the Temporal Sanctum dungeon would also not be available to you. So, I suppose, not much would be that different aside from the additional MoF Timelines to complete.

There already are 2 challenge modes in the game, so if you want extra challenge try them.

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