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Option in loot filter so that Emphasis on SHOW rules can result in item icon shown on mini map

Title says it all. I am running around things die off screen all the time I would have to walk retrace all my steps to check if things dropped. If I could control it so that certain SHOW filter rules could cause items that meet the conditions of that rule to appear on the mini map (even if only rare), that’d be a godsend!

Also related: remove sound effect from drops that are filtered to hide!


I think a DROP SOUND OPTION is far more important.

I don’t want to hear the sound of the loot that I put on HIDE, I want to hear the sound of the loot I put on SHOW. But every drop sounds the same.


+1. Icon options are the only significant feature that the Loot Filter system doesn’t have that I’d care about seeing added.

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Because I am playing with DOTs, enemies often die behind me off screen and I miss many if not most of the rare / exalted drops because they drop off screen, behind me. I think this feature has gone from a nice convenience to a near-necessity for such builds. enemeies die from Dots and wandering spirits when I have already left the area and so my gear grind is more than double what it might otherwise be. Game is already grind-y enough!

I fear that would create too many things to handle on screen and in memory.

Just don’t use the feature…

“in memory” means “in the PC’s memory”, not mine.

Thank you for the clarification. In that case I’d even suggest exalts shown by default.

That has been suggested multiple times. It may eventually become an option to toggle.