Option for Shadows to NOT attack


First of all, this game surprised me, in last several days I’ve played ~50 hours.
It’s really good!

To the point though - my suggestion is to make an option to retain the shadows you create, prevent them from attacking (only for their duration of course).

Specifically I’m using Shadow Cascade, and I just want the buff from Shadows. Currently they feel clunky, as they spawn where I’ve already cleared and then attack the air next time I do an attack :slight_smile: .

If the damage buff from that would be too great, maybe just tune it down when you select that option. So let’s say you guys add a new node to Shadow Cascade skill tree - which will PREVENT shadows from attacking, but the bonuses from having shadows would be 50% smaller or something like that.

I’ve actually found some posts about people having similar impressions - about shadows attacking the air.

Other option I see would be to have something to generate shadows on hit, maybe a unique item or something.

Even bigger problem is mana sustain for this - as the shadows disappear after 1 hit. I wanted to, well, leverage :smile_cat: Leveraged Momentum and do a build around that, but mana cost with fast attacks speeds does not allow for that.
And having two attack skills just to sometimes use Cascade does not feel worth it.
Some skills have options to generate mana on hit, even through rare affix or unique item - this would save the situation.

So - to sum up - if Shadow Cascade is NOT meant to be a main attack skill then ignore my ramblings. Though that’s kinda sad to me :slight_smile: .

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