Opinion and Ideas after 36h gameplay

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I’ve played 36 hours so far, as Shaman and reached level 71. During this time I’ve found some bugs (problably known) and had some ideas that I’d like to share with the devs and community:


  • Is Aspect of the Storm (Shaman passive) working? When I cast Tornado no buff icon comes up and I see no change in stats or gameplay.
  • Used a key to the arena and it was simply empty, no mobs came after like a minute.


  • Death penalty would be interesting! It makes building more interesting and challangeful.
  • Swap to secondary weapons allows even more customization.
  • Make it able to pause when in solo session.
  • If we can store all crafting item, why isn’t that auto-stored?
  • A build simulator is nice.
  • Remove directional arrows for quest in map and minimap? Part of the game is looking out for stuff and objectives. I think that the highlight when you’re near should be kept.
  • Maybe an option to show only critical damage on screen?
  • Shaman holding a staff while running is kinda weird. Guess it should be reworked.


  • Please, for the sake of game’s economy, dont make items bound to char or account!
  • How about addons? I like them in other games.
  • Shaman could have some elemental minions: fire minion, lightning minion, cold minion.
  • It would be nice if there were an option to see damage color as it’s elements, e.g.: cold damage looks blue, lightning looks purple, poison looks green and so on.

Hope these points help out the game development somehow.


A few more bugs found:


  • Sometimes the dead mobs still show their health bar.
  • In “The Coral Pools” map, the Town Porta bugged a few times, being half into the ground.
  • Shaman’s totems don’t attack Training Dummy in town. I suppose it should attack for test purposes.
  • In Yulia’s sentences the talks about the Majasa but I found a mistyping one sentence: "Now we must find Majsasa, the goddess of the desert.
  • In my build I’ve chosen the Grove Mind passive to summon 5 totems at once. When casting it near objects or obstacles like boxes, bridge, edges, npcs, it will not summon all totems because it respects the original “position” of all totems.

I’ve reported spelling errors and bugs in the bug forum and they get fixed pretty quick.

Welcome to the forum!

There is no aspect of the storm passive for the Shaman (ie, on the passive tree that you access when you hit P), however there is an aspect of the storm node on the Tornado skill tree which does work & increases your movement speed by 10% on your character screen, even though the buff has no icon (most buffs don’t which is very annoying).

There’s a bug report or two about this but no-on’e uploaded their log files to it yet.

There already is a (harsh) death penalty, whenever you die in an arena or monolith you have to restart from the beginning.

Come back & join the conversation on that when you’ve experienced it a bit more.

Yeah, those are nice, the devs have mentioned something about a build simulator & dammit (of gdtools) is working on one:

His site )https://www.lastepochtools.com/) is awesome for gear & https://lastepoch.tunklab.com/ is awesome for most everything else.
Animations are still being worked on (on a per-character basis, we got Mage animations last patch, we’re getting Sentinel animations this patch, hopefully this week.

And this is their forecast:

I disagree with this, certain games that do this just annoy me if there’s also randomly generated levels.

From the sound of it, the “best” (or possibly highest rarity, so legendaries, maybe uniques) will be bound but the rest will be tradeable, though their last post on it was over 2 years ago, so we should be getting an update when they get closer to releasing the bazaar/AH.

I think it’s far too early to know if there will be anything like this, though it’s not an MMO so I think the need for this will be reduced & trade will (as far as we know) be via the Bazaar with limited slots & be focussed around bidding so there’ll be less need for the addons that PoE has (assuming nothing changes with trade).

The damage that mobs do already is coded by colour, fire is red/orange, lightning is dark blue, cold is light blue, poison is green, necrotic is more of a turquoise & void is purple & the player’s skills generally follow that as well.

Yeah, anything that’s not a “proper” pet (eg, the Sentinel’s Devouring Orb & totems) won’t attack the training dummy when you press A hovering over it, which is annoying.

This has been pointed out before & I thought the devs said it was working as intended, but they might have said it on discord rather than in the forum.

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