Opening Skills causes game freeze

Opening a skilltree causes the game to freeze for 10-30 seconds.
This includes pressing S, clicking the skill button after a level up or even trying to change the skill on the hotbar.

2nd’d. Having the same issues, on 2 different computers.

interesting, if I go windowed mode (from windowed full-screen) it does not appear to be happening.

never-mind, eventually started happening in windowed mode too.
Also happens when I change back to human form (from bear or spriggan)

I am having the same issue. Found that when it is happening, if I take off my armor (Doublet of Onos Tull) it seems to fix itself.

Same here. Attempted to follow @Yellowersnow’s suggestion and unequipped everything off my character, but still locks the game up regardless.
EDIT: Only seems to happen on my Primalist. Perhaps tied to companions?

I did switch to a void knight and the problem is gone. (Was playing shaman before)
So yes it might be something primalist related.

I opened up another thread about this as i didnt see this one. I sent the files the dev requested so hopefully they will find out whats up, but its def primalist bug

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