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Hi guys, I’ve been playing on and off for a couple of years. I’ve played multishot marksman, bladedancer, void knight autobomber and i got a lvl 97 cold dot werebear since 0.9 started. I’m not enjoying the cold dot werebear build playstyle and its lackluster boss damage, and since I already have a lot of uniques, including bastion and throne of ambition, as well as some sick exlated bases, I was wondering what build could I try.

I would prefer something with good mobility and clear. Was looking at Lizard IRL’s bowmage, but got the impression it is rather squishy?

If some more advanced/experienced players could suggest what build they think I would enjoy most, I’d be very thankful!

I’m enjoying both an Ignite Warpath Paladin, and a Lightning Blast/Lightning Meteor Sorc (with Vilatria’s staff + Harbinger of Stars belt). Both are great clear and great bossing.

Looking at the builds you have already tried, and the things that you dislike, I’d suggest trying out the forge guard builds - for something different but still very powerful. Something like the Manifest Armour minion builds - either using void cleave melee or the shield throw version - both work really well. I love the playstyle of either. Am currently messing around with the changes to Rive with Forged weapons to see if that will also be a good forge guard build but its too early to tell yet.

Lizards Bowmage (or either fire/cold versions) is most definitely fun and in melee range for active play with a rangef char, but its squishy if you dont concentrate and use positional play to your advantage. It works really well and in some cases you do feel seriously op, but imho its the kind of build you DONT watch netflix on the second monitor while playing.

@Zaodon suggestion of the Warpath Paladin - IS something you can watch netflix while playing. So much that I actually found it a little boring after a while - especially when you achieve the always on Warpth state. spin spin yawn spin. Its fun, but I prefer something more active.

You could also step entirely out of your existing comfort zone and go Acolyte/minions but dont really play them so cannot suggest something.

This was some nice suggestions, as I’m looking into different builds myself, currently started a new playthrough with the Sentinel, and wanna focus on Warpath, thanks :slight_smile:

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I am also interested in ignite warpath paladin

Any updated guide or build planner maybe?

How does the Lightning Meteor play? Do you have any issues sustaining mana?

Note: I am not a prolific Build maker. I’m sure some folks can make a more optimized build. But this is the one I made, and works well.

Also note, the planner tool doesn’t factor “Holy Aura” into elemental resistances. You should also click “Conditions” and select “Is Channeling” to see resists.

No issues with mana at all.

This is the build: Sorcerer, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.9.0d) - Last Epoch Build Planner

Build note: I changed up the expectations - use Lightning Blast for packs/clear, and Meteor for bossing. I know, odd, but it works.

Look over at maxroll :smiley: . There are the pros with there “out little guides and tier list section”. Obviously there are dozens of good builds missing but who cares they’ll add more and more over time.