Online to offline character snapshot

It would be nice if I could snapshot my online character to an off-line save file during the Beta. There might be future game design reasons not to do this, once the game moves to 1.0 – but for now, it would be nice to be able to “sandbox” an online character for testing in an off-line environment.

I know there are save file editors that exist, where one could manually re-create their character for off-line play. I believe (offline) save file editing could be a grey area (or even outright forbidden) within the Terms of Service. Frankly I would prefer not to use 3rd party tools that might be susceptible to supply chain compromise.

I’m not sure the scope of how difficult this would be but if it was presented similar to how the in-game filter editor works for exporting the filter as a file – that would be ideal.

Alternatively if there was a “snapshot a character for off-line play” button on the character select screen, when off-line character listing is selected, that might work out as well!


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